January 30, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 1/31/17 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 1/31/17

1/31/17 is the number 6. The number 6 allows you to recognize that your domestic responsibility is greater than just your home. Each person contributes to the society in which we live and it is the protective, honest, charitable, and unselfish acts that make this country great. The Number 6 is a “Mother” number and essentially wants to build you up to take responsible actions which is about love, nurturing, and protection. It is those who do not feel loved that harbor hate and resentment. It is those that feel disconnected from the greater good of a society that pull it into discord. It is time to find how to unify and come together in ways that are constructive and do not continue to allow the separation and the divide to become wider. There are clear lines as to what is right and what is wrong. This number brings you to honestly look at yourself and your actions to see if you have been moving in alignment with love or not. It is wrong to intentionally cause more suffering to those already suffering. It is wrong to lie. It is wrong to blame others for your inadequacies. It is wrong to hate. It is wrong to propagate laws that are designed to intentionally cause harm. Today, I will quote Saint Teresa of Avila who is the empitimy of the number 6. She said, “To reach something good it is very useful to have gone astray and thus acquire experience.”


The Pisces Moon forms a square with Saturn this morning, reminding you to take a good long look at your duties to yourself, your life, your country and planet. It also calls you to take a look at your limits. The Moon aligns with Venus midday, and you want to seek out pleasurable activities but that definition has changed quite a bit at this time. Pleasure is what inspires you into active loving. Pleasure for some right now is about standing up for what is right. Pleasure right now is about making calls that help change this world. The Moon enters Aries at 4:47 PM EST, stimulating a strong desire to start fresh, and its alignment with Mars tonight gives you an energetic jumpstart. Mercury forms a square with Uranus, stimulating your senses, giving you sudden flashes of insight, and bringing in fresh new ideas. However, there can be mental pressures experienced now. It can be difficult organizing your thoughts or dealing with routine matters under this influence. Tasks may be left undone or interrupted. You may be jumping ahead of yourself in some of your communications. This is not the time to be understood, so you may want to hold off presenting your ideas for the time being. New information can surface now that upsets the status quo, but can also act to stimulate your mind into new ways of thinking.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Hate is a state of mental imbalance.
Love is the natural state of balance in this dimension.
Hate is the response to unresolved emotional issues.
Love is the response in a mind that is willing to move through things and resolve the issues of the past.
The more you hate the more you blame others for what you are feeling.
The more you blame others, the more you compound your karmic debt in another life.
Others are not constantly doing things to you.
When you hate, you are holding tight to your pain and allowing it to fester and rot your soul.
Acceptance is the tool to transform blame.
Choosing peace over conflict is the way to step beyond the walls of your creation.
Love is found when you stop defending yourself from the truth.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Today, I send love and compassion to all those suffering in the world.

Today, I choose to love in the face of such hate in the world.

Today, I pray for truth to find its way to the surface of all minds.
Today, I align with the principals of compassion and stand against the voices of hate.
Today, I stand again with those in the dimensions of truth and sanity.
Today, I welcome the powerful change that is creating a blinding light of clarity.
Today, I can see the Universe has insisted on breaking the back of distortion and deception.
Today, I know that only by making the negative so dark can people finally choose the light.
Today, You begin to shift on a global level.
Today, the forces of good are massing.
Today, the darkness is becoming afraid.
For it senses its impending doom.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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