Suzanne Wagner Quotes – Today I send love


Today, I send love and compassion to all those suffering in the world.
Today, I choose to love in the face of such hate in the world.
Today, I pray for truth to find its way to the surface of all minds.
Today, I align with the principals of compassion and stand against the voices of hate.
Today, I stand again with those in the dimensions of truth and sanity.
Today, I welcome the powerful change that is creating a blinding light of clarity.
Today, I can see the Universe has insisted on breaking the back of distortion and deception.
Today, I know that only by making the negative so dark can people finally choose the light.
Today, You begin to shift on a global level.
Today, the forces of good are massing.
Today, the darkness is becoming afraid.
For it senses its impending doom.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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