January 2, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 1/3/15

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Numerology/Astrology for 1/3/15

Today we are in the day of stepping out of our narrow perspective and looking at things from a more inclusive overview or the number 3. The number three is the connection of three points or perspectives that allows the formation of new energy and vitality. The number three brings a new dimension to the perspective of the soul, beyond duality of mind and has emerged into a three dimensional perspective. This allows a new found experience of expression, imagination, and enthusiasm. In psychology, triads can be complicating and confusing because human nature tends to take sides and does not know how to move well into balance within three true perspectives. This is more difficult for the mind to comprehend. This forces us to look beyond our experience (number one), beyond the understanding of someone else (number two), to finally stepping into the third position of objectivity (number 3). When you are able to stay aware and observe without judgment, there is no longer a need to be right or correct. Life becomes an exploration into the amazing possibilities within life. As this happens the mind opens, becomes more flexible and the body relaxes. The experience expands us to feel friendly, fun, and humorous. The Sun squares Uranus very early into the day, and conjuncts Pluto this evening. This might make you feel dissatisfied, overwhelmed, or restricted, particularly if faced with old routines or limiting circumstances. The need to gain more control over your life will be the motivating factor but try to guard against temperamental behavior and impulsive decision-making. Venus enters Aquarius today – a transit that will be with us until January 27th. This will move you towards unconventionality, independence, and freedom from a particular thing, person, or situation. Unconventional relationships or ways of relating can be appealing now. You may feel compelled to allow others more freedom of expression. You may intervene if you that that someone is treating another unfairly. The Moon continues its transit of curious Gemini until 8:08 PM EST, when it enters Cancer.
~Suzanne Wagner~



When you accept the reality that no one’s coming to save you, you reclaim the power to change your life forever.



We are all here on this planet to do our own karmic lessons. Unfortunately many of those we meet will not have our lessons and therefore they may not understand what we need or how to help us get to the place we are seeking. We can only show others the places in which we have journeyed and explored and even then our personal journey may not address all the lessons, tools, or doorways that others may need to transform their karma. On one level this inspired me to keep growing and learning. Only through continuing my journey can I possibly have tools that can serve others. So many healers and teachers have had very challenging karma, situations, and circumstances. That is on one level why we are drawn to them. We recognize something within them that resonates to us. But not one person can give us all the tools necessary. Even Deepak Chopra walked away from his teacher Maharishi because his path was more than just the teachings of TM. You too must follow your path and follow your spirit towards the awakening that is planned for your soul.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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