February 26, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 2/27/17 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 2/27/17

2/27/17 is the number 3. The number 3 indicates discipline in your concentration is essential to gaining ground in these troubled times. Without control over your thoughts, you will become the victim of those whose job it is to create and spread chaos and that is how you become a puppet in the system. The number 3 wants you to become frank and forceful in constructive ways. That is also difficult at this time because they have done many studies and what we know is once a mind has decided on a position it if difficult if not impossible to change its mind. Therefore, we are all going to be caught in the game of “truth or consequences”. In this case, there are many that are headed not to truth but towards the harsh consequences that are necessary to create a total collapse in order to shift awareness out of the dysfunction into function. That is why the number 3 is called Dancing with the Devil and Dancing with the Divine. Who are you dancing with?


Mars opposes Jupiter this morning, and the desire to expand, to grow, and to do and know more is strong. There are those of you that feel limited and restricted. Many of you don’t know where to begin, this can serve to frustrate you because not being clear as to the direction and where you are going manifests as fear. Impatience with the insanity of the world is building. What you want is conflicting with what is possible. You may get fired up over opposing viewpoints, and you may need to adjust your plan of action. Competitive feelings, however, can motivate you to push yourself a little harder. The trick will be to do things in moderation. Be careful because errors in judgment are likely due to impulsiveness and the overlooking of crucial details from sheer exhaustion and overwhelm. This evening, a Mercury-Pluto semi-square stimulates doubt, suspicion, and worry or paranoia. You may feel pressure to know the truth about a matter but should consider whether it’s best to wait things out. The Moon continues its transit of Pisces for most of the day until it enters Aries at 11:52 PM EST.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Why is truth soaked in blood?
Why are lies buried in mud?
Why do people choose to hate?

Why must suffering be the gate?
The gate to change.
The gate to peace.
The gate that awakens.
The gate to release.
So many say they believe in God,
But they lash out, hurt others, and maraud.
How can you say that you practice love?
When in your words and actions
you hurt others from your supposed “above”.
God light runs through all of us.
It is not a thing that needs to be discussed.
Yet, here so many of you.
Continue to point, hate, and accrue.
You accrue negative karma when you hate.
You pile up blocks in front of heaven’s gate.
When will you see that you will not be able to get through.
To that place of love that you believe is due.
You are allowed in not because of words and faith.
You pass through when your life here
is like what is beyond that gate.
~Suzanne Wagner~


With the eclipse yesterday, each of us is being asked to look at our ancestral karma and how that is playing out in our life right now. Within your DNA are patterns of behavior and action that dictate and motivate you forward or stop you in your tracks. But what do you want? What does your soul want? Those of us on the planet now are the inheritors of our ancestors that were survivors of terrible times. Often they had to learn to become complacent, they sometimes had to stop resisting, and attempt to survive terrible leaders and life circumstances. But does your soul want to move exclusively from those places of past fears from your ancestors that are still carried in your genes….or do you want to make a conscious choice and break the strangle hold of the past choices and decisions of your ancestors and help them break out of their own karmic stagnation? You can be the hero of your family tree. You can break the dysfunctional karmic history that you inherited. You can change the patterns that have motivated your genetic line from this moment forward. What will you do?

~Suzanne Wagner~

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