February 27, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 2/28/17 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 2/28/17

2/28/17 is the number 4. The number 4 is about balance. And right now, this world needs balance more than it ever has. But it is not the external that needs the balance but the internal distortion that is creating the external projection that needs to change. Balance has to be fought for to be maintained. Peace is not a static experience it is a type of tension that is carefully positioned in the middle between two opposite poles. It is that exact balance that allows for the illusion of peace. So, most balance is about a give and a take, a push and a pull that have equal amounts of a given energy. But there is a deeper peace. A peace that comes from total acceptance and transparency. A peace that allows this moment to be what it is and deals with the truth and the reality of the dimension in which they find themselves. When you learn acceptance, you stop fighting against the rules and laws of this existence. Learning to flow with the moment and respond in the moment authentically is what being alive is all about.


The Moon is in Aries all day, and with the exception of an alignment with Venus tonight, does very little else in a major way. While an Aries Moon typically thrives on activity, hopefully you will feel less harried and pressured, particularly after a couple of high-energy days. This is a potentially favorable day for guilty pleasures, feel-good and uncomplicated activities (particularly physical), first moves on a social level, and new business ideas.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Be someone real
In a world full of illusion.
Be someone truthful
In a world full of lies.
Be someone loving
In a world full of hate.
Be someone kind
In a world full of self-absorption.
Be someone who sees the specialness in others
In a world filled with people mimicking the rich and famous.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Are you a person of your word or are you a person who makes promises that allow you to feel good and then renege on them when those choices have made you stretch or uncomfortable? Integrity is something that is earned through being truthful in the moment and then following through with your agreements. That is often uncomfortable at times and there are those out there that are unwilling to sit in the uncomfortable feelings of what they have agreed to. But learning to speak from your heart and then follow through with the intent of your words is how you build power in this dimension. It is all about congruence. You have to be fully here in this reality. Not in some fantasy, not in some illusion, and not in some projected ideal of who you want to be. You can only be who you are. You can only be the vulnerable expression of your experiences and heart. And those need to learn to come together. So if you are uncomfortable, have you asked where you are out of integrity? Have you been willing to honestly look at where you sold out or where you are not following through with a choice and a decision? Can you see where you are backing out and attempting to not take responsibility for your choices? That is the first step to reconnecting to your integrity. Don’t make up a story about a mistake you made. Own it. Take responsibility for it. That is how you learn to not make the same mistake again.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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