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Numerology/Astrology for 3/13/16

3/13/16 is the number 7. The number 7 is urging you to take the time to figure out the budgets and money that has gotten a bit out of control over the past few years. You know it is time to rein in all that spending and to get on top of all that debt. No, it is not a fun moment when you realize how much you are going to have to pull back and restrain yourself. But it has to be done. Sit down, do that budget and take the next 6 months to get on top of things. Just deciding will make you feel a lot better. The Moon is in Taurus again today, until 5:04 PM EDT. This can be both a sensitive and practical time. There is special attraction to music and the arts, and so hopefully humanity will be more kind and gentle towards one another. (We can always hope). However, there is some tension building as you approach a Venus-Mars square and Pluto is found at the midpoint between the two. The Moon enters communicative Gemini at 5:04 PM, and forms a square to Venus and an opposition to Mars. There can be some difficulty relaxing under these influences. This pattern has a tendency to make you see differences more than you see similarities. So watch out for where this can lead to conflicts and/or nervous tension.
~Suzanne Wagner~


As we grow spiritually, our egos completely freak out. Our minds reside in their fear of change, while our hearts and souls push for transformation. Continue to move forward, offering as much love and acceptance of the person you are and once were, without letting it keep you from becoming the magnificent being you’re destined to become.

~Scott Stabile~



Are you choosing to reflect the higher calling you have inside or the lower density that is the human condition. I understand that we are constantly living both and that when we are put under stress that the lower baser aspects such as the; “Survival of the Fittest” comes out quickly and forcefully. It is essential that we learn to notice and listen to both sides so that we can have a more conscious choice rather than have that reactive side take over our life and create hardships and struggles that compound difficult situations. Inside each of us is a monster we know has been in there for a very long time. It is up to us to befriend that monster and find a balance that allows us to live a life that strives towards the human positive potential.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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