March 12, 2016


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We have made it through the month of March and the month of the eclipses. Whew! Aren’t we glad that is over with for a moment? However, as the famous phrase says, “It’s not over till it’s over.”

Remember that Saturn went retrograde on March 25 and as it goes backward know that you will feel like you might be getting pulled back into a storm again. Storms can rage around you but you do not have to be caught up in that chaos if you stay aware and alert to the places of inner peace and calm.

Venus goes into Aries on April 5th and so expect the lover and the fighter in you to be at odds. You can expect it to ignite your love life in a big way. Remind yourself to be considerate of others because this aspect can make you feel a bit self-centered.

Mercury will go into Taurus on April 5th also. Mercury excels at flexibility but Taurus is arguably the least flexible of all the zodiac signs, so expect yourself and others to dig in a take rigid positions as this political race heats up. Try to stay as open-minded as possible and expect resistance to anything that is new or different.

The New Moon happens on the 7th of April and this will be a time to enfold into your real self for a moment. It is a perfect time to make a new plan so that you can begin something.

Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo Biquintile Uranus in Aries on April 10th, giving you the opportunity to bring a creative solution to a problem. You are being asked to step into your mastery by addressing the places where you have bad habits or where you are coming up short in some skill area. It is time to see where you have perhaps chosen a wrong path in developing your character.


This whole month it has felt like things are grinding down to a stop and that is because of Mars preparing to go retrograde on April 17th. As Mars slows down it becomes more and more difficult to get things moving or to find the energy you want to make things happen. Mars will be retrograde until June 29th so expect to have to deal with the slower pace and the grumpiness that happens when you and others seem to not be getting it right or done on time. Expect delays and problems to plague your projects and work situations.

Then like that is not enough Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn till Sept 26th and this urges you to let go of attitudes, thinking and communication patterns that are caught in rigid emotional states. You are going to experience a deep and through internal “house cleaning”. It is time to move with an intense desire for personal reassessment as to the reoccurring patterns that are happening in your life and hopefully redirect your focus so you gain a better understanding and control over yourself and your professional and financial areas.


On April 19th the Sun goes into Taurus followed by the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 22nd. This will help each of you feel more grounded as you explore into those deep and dark places where Scorpio hides the hidden treasures you so desperately seek this month.


Mercury does its second retrograde of the 4 April 28-May 22 and that will happen this month in Taurus.


Fortunately this one give us a much needed slower pace being in Taurus and you may find yourself wanting to do the normal daily activities but with more joy and appreciation. Sleeping will feel blissful and dreams may be very active during this time. Regardless it will feel like all of us need a bit of rest and relaxation.

And finally Venus goes into Taurus allowing the feeling of life (at least temporarily) slipping into something more comfortable. It will allow you to slow down and appreciate the finer things. Just be careful to not over indulge.

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