March 18, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 3/19/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 3/19/16

3/19/16 is the number 4 and this number asks you to find that balance in your life that allows you to flow. Life will always hand you one more thing but you can learn to flow between those things with grace and elegance. Yes it takes practice to transition from one thing to another. Yes, it is challenging to create those transitions instantly without thinking but I find that it is within those transitions that I find a sort of hidden super power that allows me to create a connection where none was previously. In the moment that the connection that happens I recognize that it manifests because of my connection between heaven and earth. I become the bridge for magic to flow through me from the divine into the physical realm. When I fully recognize that I am something that allows for the good to flow into and help others then there is a type of balance and understanding that happens in my life. Acceptance is the key to finding yourself and only when you truly have you do you have an infinite source and connection to that universal energy. The Moon is in Leo all day. This happy position of the Moon speaks to your “inner child”. Dignity prevents you from from falling into pettiness. There is a strong desire to impress others. Today you feel as if you are on stage, your feelings are grand, and you appreciate and want to create a bit of drama in your life. You are easily threatened by anything that seems to be impersonal. The Moon’s trines to Saturn and Uranus can point to happiness and fulfillment with what you are doing. Original ideas can be developed quite successfully now. You should take the time to get in touch with your wants and needs with the astrological New Year beginning shortly after the day ends.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Take my hand. And let us get lost in a world only we can find.

-Writtenbyhim, Photo: Scott Callow,




I wish to co-create a world where the remembrance that all things living are connected with the power and potential of love. I would love to see where first each person was acknowledged for being a part of that divine spark that is the pulse of all life. I believe that it is those that feel not loved, minimized, marginalized, ignored, forgotten, and not felt that stir the fires of dissent, war, conflict and pain. For when a person is in pain and that pain is not addressed it festers and grows into an explosion of toxic energy that then spews out and infects all things that surround it. How can we create a world where always the first part of any greeting is an acknowledgement of that divine spark? What would the world look like and act like if everyone when they met another person, stopped, looked deeply into his or her eyes, took a couple of breaths together, and said, “I see you.” I believe it could be possible to have that world. Yes, it would take some changes in our social patterns but hatred comes from not understanding or seeing yourself in the other. Conflicts happen when you focus on the differences rather than the similarities. As humans we are much more alike than we are different. When you only look at the differences you shut down your connection that is to all of life. When you recognize that each of us is connected to a larger whole then opinions no longer matter as much as finding ways for the entire system to flow together with grace and harmony. We are all one body, working in unison, to fulfill a greater potential than we have alone. Each part of that body has its own mission and purpose in the greater scheme of things but everyone and everything has a meaning and purpose. One part is not more important than another part and yet in our own way we are unique. Find your uniqueness and let that express itself in the world. Find the place where you are connected to the greater whole and allow that energy to help you feel safe and give you a sense of belonging.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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