March 19, 2016

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Numerology/Astrology for 3/20/16

3/20/16 is the number 5, which is all about paying attention to the subtle messages that the universe is sending you on a constant basis. As the quote below says, it is those “indirect, oblique” sides of yourself that help you discover the maps to your future and those messages are often first detected through the body, nature, and the 5 senses. In each life you are asked to be the healer and teacher to your evolving self. All of life teaches you and it is up to us to listen and find the doorways that help us become more awake and aware to the fact that regardless of our desire for independence that we are permanently connected to life on this planet and that all of life is a perfectly blended soup of evolving consciousness. As we evolve we also lift this planet into a higher resonance and clarity. The Sun enters Aries today, marking the time of the Spring equinox and the start of the astrological New Year, at 12:30 AM EDT. The Sun will transit Aries until April 19th. In Aries, the Sun is enthusiastic and spontaneous. This energy motivates you to conquer the next thing on your list. It makes you more impulsive and gives you the urge to initiate new things. Aries is a sign that bounces back quickly. And there is little shame with Aries. When you tap into that energy you discover that you are brave and pioneering yet you can still be innocent. The Cardinal Fire of Aries can make you more direct and rather uncomplicated in your needs. Just remember that it can also make you short-sighted and lack the desire to plan ahead. While this is fiery energy, you will also influenced by a conjunction of Venus and Neptune in Pisces, which is a gentle, subtle, and imaginative influence. You may find that you have the experience of heightened sensitivity and a deeper awareness for beauty and spirituality. It can also make you feel renewed on creative levels. Because of the deepening of emotions you can more easily be influenced, seduced and get pulled in by seductive people and energies. You are awakened to the world of beauty and romance today. Gentleness with others is the best way to harness this energy. Remember this is a temporary, “magical” time on a romantic and social level, but Neptune is also the planet of illusion so be aware of that influence as well. Psychic openness and compassion are themes in your interactions now. The Moon continues its transit of Leo until 1:40 PM EDT, when it enters Virgo
~Suzanne Wagner~



Your soul knows the geography of your destiny.

Your soul alone has the map of your future,
therefore you can trust this indirect, oblique side of yourself.

If you do, it will take you where you need to go,
but more important it will teach you a kindness of rhythm in your journey.

~ John O’Donohue~



In your journey of life you have a myriad of choices that you can make throughout all the twists and turns of time. Those directional changes indicate what you are next ready to learn. There is no need to worry that you are going the wrong way because it is all about discovering your deepest self. Certain lessons are set in stone on our path, the only thing we get to do is choose which lesson you want next.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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