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Numerology/Astrology for 3/2/21                       

3/2/21 is the number = 10.

Add the 3 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 10.

The Number 10 makes us have to start again. Sometimes you think something is finished. But now it seems we are mistaken. So once again, you have to refine what seemed resolved. This cycle we are in requires us to redo and redefine what you hoped and wanted to leave behind.
Sometimes circumstances bring out a part of us that we did not want to see. But so much has been happening that now we see others being pushed past an edge and them responding in ways that show how much internal stress they have been holding.

I think the truth is that everyone is that way right now. Everyone was pushed beyond the beyond in their personal bubble of reality and now, any small thing becomes just too much.

I am watching it all around me. I am grateful that I am not caught up in that web at the moment. But I am seeing and hearing it a lot.
I have been in this place at various times in my life. A moment when I was exhausted and I had too much on my plate. Then one small thing happens and it is just too much and something snaps inside.

What creates bravery is having (in that moment) the clarity to turn the power of that “snap” into something that has meaning, purpose, and moves you towards a goal that seems (in that moment) impossible.

That is what the number 10 is about. Harnessing courage instead of letting the fear dictate a ridiculous choice with no purpose. That is how you transition the number 1 into a number 10.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today             

The Moon is in the balancing sign of Libra until mid-day. Then the Moon moves into emotionally determined and deeply perceptive sign of Scorpio.

It will be interesting to see how private Scorpio goes along with Venus sextile Uranus early in the morning, this is a very good combination.

In order to find a deeper truth often we have to look at our motives. Our intention becomes paramount when looking towards finding the answers that become important pieces in our life.

That is because if we have the intention to validate some perceived truth but not to find the bigger truth then we have automatically limited the reality bubble. And while you will get the truth on one level, in reality you want the greater truth that transcends all the realities.

The Mercury-Node trine is connecting people with information so that we can encourage each other to grow and improve. Moving forward takes tremendous effort. We are going to need all the help that is out there to continue this monumental shift in consciousness. Embrace as much as you can. Learn as much as you can. Never stop learning. As long as you are open to experience life then life is full and has purpose.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Harnessing courage instead
of letting the fear dictate a
ridiculous choice with no purpose,
is how you turn the energy
of a powerful moment around
and make a difference with
passion and intention.

~Suzanne Wagner~


What is a “snap” point?
It is a moment when you cannot handle the energy coming at you and it overloads your psyche, body, and mental clarity.
I have lived through many of these moments.
They have often happened to me when I was in zones that were completely different from anything that I was used to.
They have happened when traveling, and circumstances are shockingly less than adequate. When you don’t have basic comforts, food, or shelter, life can go from okay to temper tantrum in 5 seconds. Especially if you are physically exhausted from long days of walking on trails and at high altitude.

Fortunately for me, situations in other countries trigger me less than being in my own country and being in a situation where one is dealing with people that are being completely unreasonable, stubborn, rigid, childish, self-important, idiots, and/or overbearing.
For some reason that smacks me harder than being in a third world country and knowing that the people are doing the very best they can and they are willing to give you anything they have, even when that is not enough or appealing.
The projection of self-importance and judgment when anyone is doing their very best is also something that sets my teeth on edge.
In those situations, I will become a protective “She-Bear”. Cruelty is not tolerated by me because it is not necessary. Cruelty comes from arrogance and the desire to feel “better than” another. It also comes from a deep place of insecurity, where that person sub-consciously wants to hurt another in order to feel powerful.
Any time any of us are out of our “normal” reality, it pushes us past those places where predictability feels safe.

In the old “EST” days from the 1970-80’s, all you had to do in a workshop was to change someone’s schedule around, disrupt their sleep, change their diet and the timing of eating, and take away their comfort foods such as Diet Coke, Sugar, and Caffeine. That was all it took to make a soul uncomfortable enough to break down and begin an inner process.

Now, it is not quite that simple. But I do find travel will do much the same thing. Going to foreign countries where the natural availability of certain foods is not what one is used to, is enough to do it.

I remember, being in China and not realizing that they did not do cheese. They get calcium from seaweed. My sister and I were literally starving for cheese. And it was so strong it set us on an edge. We began searching for anyplace that had cheese. We finally found a hotel that had an American style menu and had cheeseburgers and nachos. Though the amount of cheese was skimpy. But it was enough to stop the mental insanity.

Humanity is bizarre at times. Impatient, demanding, selfish, and judgmental.

And you can lose your mind over something as simple as cheese. I can laugh about it now. But at that time it was a big deal. It took us all day to find one restaurant with cheese. We could not stop thinking about it. It was an obsession.

And that is the root of a snap point.
It is an obsessive thought that needs satisfaction immediately. And it will do anything to get that thing. That thing separates our primal mind from our higher functioning mind. I learned in the process of this life, that it does not take much for mankind to collapse into our primal nature. We might think we are so evolved but just look at what happens when for 3 weeks I don’t have cheese! LOL!

None of us are perfect and this life is designed to show us where our edges are. It is how we learn to observe our primal mind and talk it off a cliff. It is how we learn patience. It is how we learn to gracefully accept what is offered. And it is how we learn where our personal line is.
I will tolerate discomfort in other countries easier than I will accept intentional cruelty and judgmental behavior from those that have no need to behave in such horrible ways. Everyone has a personal edge that is tricky for them to navigate.
Knowing what that is, helps you from letting “snap points” explode into the external world. Learn to observe the snap point and listen to the conversation. Let that conversation come out your eyes but not your mouth. Once you learn that self-control then you can begin to understand what the root of that place is and heal it.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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