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Numerology/Astrology for 3/3/21                       

3/3/21 is the number = 11.

Add the 3 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 11.

The Number 11 asks us to expand and think outside the box. But it can have a feeling of fragmentation like we are being torn to shreds. There is so much happening and there is tremendous confusion out there in the world, while we seem to be trying to keep track of lots of threads of information that seem intended to overwhelm us. Start with patterns that make sense. From there put them into places that are more modern and integrated into the complicated systems of our world. I know that everyone is playing a massive game of “Technology Monopoly.” Meaning that the rapid progression of the tech world is impacting us almost on a daily level. The tech world is attempting to help us use systems for work so we can be more remote and work from home but that all requires learned new systems and then implementing them.
The number 11 is the number of the Aquarian Age and the progressive movements of computer systems with all the upgrades that are constantly necessary and that interrupt our daily routines.

But this new world is going to continue to have us adapting to the ongoing rapid onslaught of the required new systems in the computer world. Do not expect this to slow down or end any time soon.
For many reasons we got behind and now we are needing to play “catch-up.” While it does not seem fun it is an essential learning curve.

There is no sense in fighting it. So we might as well surrender into the process and go slow. Eventually we will make sense out of all this new stuff and it will become a routine that all these things will change rapidly and we will learn how to more quickly adapt when resistance is removed.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today             

The Moon is helping us explore our deepest self. As we ponder the complex questions of the universe and our place in it know that when we seek the deeper meaning for the present situations in which we find ourselves, there is often many other things that can be discovered in the process.

Some do not question because they are afraid of what they will find. Others have a powerful drive to understand and to know those things that others refuse to consider. Always be a person who questions and looks below the surface and behind the facades. It is how one becomes a more whole and complete person.

Venus will sextile Uranus today. It gives a much needed uplift from all the intensity that seems to be happening all around. It will help us feel less attached to things and give a bit of encouragement. After all, it is time to get going.

This is a very liberating influence because all things are revealed in a new and fresh light. Many things are changing. So let that be a gift rather than a problem.

Venus and Uranus are attempting to find a comfortable place to stand in a storm of light. Be sure that improvising is going to be the new way. That requires some facts and lots of instinct. Feel into where this world is headed and move towards that with gusto and enthusiasm.

Mars goes into Gemini until April 23rd and Gemini gives some flexibility for an extremely focused and determined Mars. Just know it can also make us feel scattered and confused. Stay on task, keep a good list, and finish what we start. Then things will all work out.

Take some time to look at our communication style and learn to understand why we

 fall into certain patterns of speech. Perhaps it is time to alter some of those to be more effective.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Just when we think that we can drop our guard.
Old patterns that we depended upon are barred.
So much change in such a short time.
Everything around becomes a new paradigm.
I am tired of trying to change at every turn.
I want big corporations to have some concern.
Concern for what they force us to eat,
When they want an upgrade, just to compete.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Okay, get ready for a rant.

I know that all of us have been up against many edges as we have all had to adapt in ways never previously experienced.
So I know that I am not alone in the aggravation and frustration that happens when the learning curves of life and technology clash in massive waves that never seem to end.

In the process of being in an enormous process with my Uncle’s estate (with all the legal issues, probate, credit cards that want to be paid, etc.) and the technologies that keep being required of me to address. Then yesterday, Constant Contact, stopped allowing me to use my old template for my Newsletter and my Daily Aspirations. I go into the system after a very long day to upload the stuff for the next day only to find that without warning, they no longer support my old template and now require me to completely start over. While that sounds simple enough it is not.

After perusing over a hundred templates, and finally deciding on one. I get into it only to discover that it is structured in a very strange way that will not work for me. After spending an hour doing only the first step, I have to start over again.

I decided to pick the simplest template I could, just to get it out before I am so exhausted that I give up.

And that is what I sent out with a note explaining why it is a simple one and that I will eventually get things together enough to do a better one.

I sent multiple emails complaining. Of course I cannot talk to anyone in person at these tech/internet companies.

About a year ago, I had the Constant Contact group do a new template, and paid for it, but it was so terrible that I did not want to use it and just went back to my old one. Never at any moment did they tell me that I would need to upgrade or that they would not support the old one.
They just in one day cut it completely off.

That is what is shocking and so frustrating. Since I am dealing with many very new things in the process with my uncle’s death, this was one thing that I just did not need last night.

I get irritated with these tech companies that consistently do these upgrades, where without warning, things suddenly change. And it is up to us to adapt.

While I know that this is going to be the way from here on out, I wish these companies would be more informative and instructive about such things.

I am able to adapt. I am not the older generation of my mother who gets completely lost. With her, I have to sort out these new systems and explain where things are now when she looks at a screen that is completely reorganized.

I know that everyone is having this experience. I know that I am no alone. But it is still aggravating beyond belief.

Okay, that ends my rant for today.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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  1. Charlotte Tefft 1 month ago

    precisely my rant. i am an artist. I want to spend my time creating. noticing inspirations. Not having to sit with a system that I never asked for. CONTROL issue. My husband calls himself a geek. Ya he loves spending most of his day trying to figure out the new path. Then we have yin and yang, opposites. We do nothing the same. I end up showing how I go about it. Not his way.
    As I mention to friends. My daughter’s father was a geek. He went into the computer room and came out 10 years later and noticed I was gone.
    Forced to upgrade, buy new computers is the corporation world, ignoring the earth situation, just filling their pockets and creating an ego.
    You wrote that there might be no cheese in China…..hahaha

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