March 21, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 3/22/17 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 3/22/17

3/22/17 is the number 8. The number 8 reminds you that your fate is in your hands and that you have the strength that you need to continue forward. Now you mind might be telling you something different but this number is all about self-sufficiency, compassion, reality, truth, integrity, and true justice. You are the connection between heaven and earth. You are the heart center that can move beyond this realm of suffering if you want to. The problem is that so many are so attached to their suffering. I remember doing a Ceremony in Peru and all of the people at the gathering went into deep pain and emotional suffering. I went outside to sit in the silence of nature and to be one with this beautiful land in the jungles of Peru, when the shaman came out and said to me, “What is it with you Americans that you are so attached to your pain and suffering?” I said that I did not know either. It was not what I wanted to do in such a beautiful place and ceremony. I wanted to allow all things to merge within me. And everyone else wanted to hash out the upsets that characterized their life and had defined their personality. So, the shaman and I sat there in the silence to the beauty that was all around us while the others lived in their bubble of pain, hooked and attached, caught and trapped by their own minds that were living in the past. Today, take an honest look at how hooked you are to your suffering. Is this place really where you want to live? If not know that there are other options. But it takes personal willingness and intention to move beyond habits of dysfunction and into patterns that manifest more joy and compassion.
The Moon is in Capricorn most of the day (until 10:29 PM EDT). This is a day to be cautious and draw upon your grounded common sense when making decisions. Flexibility is not a strong point with the Moon in this position but can be useful if you work with the energy appropriately. The Moon aligns with Pluto and gets in between the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, stimulating restlessness and fears of confinement or repression. From this tension, you can find the motivation to formulate new plans and strategies for improving your relationships. The good news is that the Moon is particularly resourceful in the sign of Capricorn so you can find pieces of that puzzle you have been wanting to connect to. The Moon enters Aquarius late tonight and that encourages the seeking out of more intellectual stimulation. So don’t worry. More unusual or unconventional experiences will be on their way shortly.

~Suzanne Wagner~



There is one doorway to moving beyond this domain.
And that is the doorway of compassion.
You must first learn to focus your mind on compassion.
Then you must become that compassion you seek.
It is only through practice and embodying the compassion
that you can begin to move the suffering
out of the forefront of your mind
and allow it to be replaced
by the compassion that is so deeply needed.
It takes discipline to allow the mind to move
beyond the obvious and into the sublime.
It is through focus and intention
that you find compassion within.
Suffering is that hardness you feel inside.
Compassion is the soft giving of your energy
when you are hit hard by some external or internal force.
Only when you can stop resisting and soften
can you become the soft force of change
through compassion in the world.
~Suzanne Wagner~


What is a compassionate heart? It is a heart that attempts to do no harm. It is an honest heart and one that cannot turn a blind eye to those suffering and those that cause suffering. It is a soul that has chosen to awaken to the full reality of life regardless of if that fits into the picture that is desired. A compassionate heart knows that it cannot awaken or change others. It knows that change is an evolutionary process that takes great amounts of time and must be chosen by the one ready to evolve past their own distortion. A compassionate heart understands that not all are ready. And that you cannot make someone ready. So, pushing is not necessary. Convincing is even less necessary. A compassionate heart knows that everyone will get there in their own time. Therefore, all you can do is work on the center of your own heart and to choose to soften in this harsh and hard world. A compassionate heart chooses to give and show by example one walking in strength and softness. The moment to practice is when you do not feel compassion. That moment becomes a choice and a test. You can continue to react or you can become aware and awake. The universe is not doing something to you. Life is just being life. It is your response to that life that will give you movement forward or will continue to ensnare you in the compulsivity and drama. The choice is yours.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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