Suzanne Wagner Quote – Compassion


There is one doorway to moving beyond this domain.
And that is the doorway of compassion.
You must first learn to focus your mind on compassion.
Then you must become that compassion you seek.
It is only through practice and embodying the compassion
that you can begin to move the suffering
out of the forefront of your mind
and allow it to be replaced
by the compassion that is so deeply needed.
It takes discipline to allow the mind to move
beyond the obvious and into the sublime.
It is through focus and intention
that you find compassion within.
Suffering is that hardness you feel inside.
Compassion is the soft giving of your energy
when you are hit hard by some external or internal force.
Only when you can stop resisting and soften
can you become the soft force of change
through compassion in the world.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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