Numerology/Astrology for 3/29/2022

Numerology/Astrology for 3/29/2022

3/29/2022 is the number 20.

3 + 2 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 20. Add the 2 + 0 = 2.

This is the number of duality and learning to recognize those that are two-faced.
This number tends to operate from comparing rather that sharing. And if that is happening that is an indicator that one has fallen into dualistic thinking.

Humans like to group themselves together in a tribal fashion. It is an old system that puts “us” against (some loosely defined), “them”.

Our world has suffered terribly because of that reality, and it is time to look past the demands of those in power … to have us obey, because we “long to belong”.
This is where I point out that we need to see our hearts as bigger rather than smaller.
I believe we are in a time when it is important to learn love … in a more accepting and unconditional way in our greater world.

This is not about intimate love … as much as global love for the planet, and all the life upon it.

When we learn to accept others and stop trying to divide and conquer (the number 2), or attach and then hook others with our expectations … that is where we begin to learn that love it the greatest force in the universe but love is not about what goes on in our head. It is about what we give from our heart.
Those that live still only in their mind, tend to operate from duality and see themselves being right … and another wrong, so that they can project blame on another while in reality they are trying to humiliate another to make themselves feel better.

Real love promotes peace … not rage. Attachment is the anchor for rage and anger.

Calm awareness allows us to perceive those things that have been hidden from us because of our biases.
Love teaches us to find acceptance in what is … without needing the actions of another to be what we want.

Once we understand both of those … hopefully we gain wisdom in ways that support us in taking actions that are for a greater good … not about personal satisfaction.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology for Today

The Moon is finishing up around facing to the harsh reality in front of us.

With the support of Venus and Saturn there are many new levels of commitment arising for all of us.

As we let go of our infancy and begin to evolve past the illusions of safety from our past and emerge into the bright yet complicated world that now exists, we also reach for a better expression of the human existence.

There are many tests ahead.
Many trials yet to face.
But with eyes and hearts wide open, we begin a new chapter that hopefully will lead us into a more promising world for everyone.
Juno and Saturn will conjuct with the Goddess Venus. And she seeks fairness and justice. Balance is the conversation and sharing with those in need essential.

Our goals move from selfishness and more towards a more mature understanding that we are all in this together, whether we like it or not.

Businesses start to turn away from so much profiteering, and into promoting more harmony and peace within the workplace. Thoughtfulness is cultivated and material attachments become less interesting.

While we are shifting in ways that are not completely clear, we are beginning. And that matters a lot in a world that was stuck and trying to drag us backwards.

What history will say about this moment is unclear. What others see in the clear light of reflection will become something different than those of us living it now.

Perhaps, this is why I write. Expressing the ideas, thoughts and feelings that arise in such a transitional time become important for others to relate to as they encounter their own moments of change.

In sharing who we are at such times and where we decide to focus and why, will become the roadmaps for a future where other souls seek peaceful co-existence over conflict.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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  1. Allen 3 months ago

    You said, “What history will say about this moment is unclear. What others see in the clear light of reflection will become something different than those of us living it now.” What a great statement,
    1st, because it’s true, and 2nd, because it applies to every individual, personally. And by remembering it as an admonition, each of us can be reminded to have both patience and compassion with our daily situations and our actions and reactions that follow, because at some point in the future we will see our own personal “history” in that same “clear light of reflection” and no doubt with a less ego-centric perspective.
    Thanks for continuing to write Suzanne.

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