Suzanne’s Personal Quote and Blog for 3/29/2022


May the maps of a future world become softer edged.
May the consciousness of kindness become fully pledged.

May the differences finally be set aside.
May those in power be forced to abide.

By the rules that govern fair play.

So all lives can be given a beautiful buffet.

One that caters to their unique wants and needs.

One that opens doors and plants many seeds.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Last night it was raining and the barometric pressure dropped. It felt so good to smell the wetness in the air and feel the wind moving through the trees.

As those great redwoods swayed and danced to the music of the wind, it was as if they were talking to me and each other. All that would listen were woven into the special spell that nature breathes and activates.

As strong winds blow … the wood creaks and groans.

As I listen, I can hear the far away moans.
I try to understand this language of light.

I feel into the storm as it whispers a greater plight.

I know that nature is stronger than I.

I know that she has a plan that will soon apply.

To many that walk along the path of fear.

And to all the things that previously were so dear.

~Suzanne Wagner~




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