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Numerology/Astrology for 3/30/17

3/30/17 is the number 7. Sevens want structure and choose to adhere to patterns that serve the whole. That is often not as easy as it sounds. That is because all structures do not serve the greater good. Some structures only serve the person creating the structure. The mistake many people made in WWII was to accept the rules and laws as implicit because that was the rule and the law. But laws and rules are made by people and people are fallible and often do not see beyond their own wants and desires. Today, look at what is your personal code of ethics. What are the sacred laws upon which you live your life? And then are you just going through the motions of those sacred laws or are you taking them to heart and letting the sacredness of those words move your heart in ways that you have to leap out of your comfort zone and into places that are a stretch for you and what you stand for. Ask the question, “Does this structure help or serve others? Does this structure allow love to expand or not? Does this structure generate more good will and trust or does it undermine it? Remember, “The meaning of your communication is the result you produce.”
A longer term influence is exact today: Jupiter square Pluto. This aspect first formed in November 2016 and will recur again in August 2017. This Jupiter-Pluto square stimulates your ambition and can fuel us up. But be careful to not overreach. Pluto is packed with a big punch. It is often like a small atom bomb. And when it squares with the obvious intensity of the Gas Giant Jupiter, expect explosive energy to hit in many areas of your life. You feel that you want to set your sights high. You want to believe that you can achieve anything. However, tread lightly now, because there is so much volatility that it is easy to stir up opposition or to put too much pressure on yourself and others. Be careful to not take on too many interests, activities, or desires under this influence. Exaggerating your importance or power, should be avoided. Be aware that these aspects can make you overly attached to your opinions or beliefs. Trying to force your beliefs on others will only lead to frustration. The tendency is to push too hard in general and to the limits of others or yourself. Be aware also that you are leaving out important details and do not have all the information. Our plans are big, which can be a good thing as we realize we can do more. Know that this is a hight stress day and week. Relationships may be a driving force behind your ambitions, and you may be trying hard to prove yourself. The Moon is in Taurus all day, and its alignment with Mars can also point to over-indulgence.

~Suzanne Wagner~



If you want to feel loved you must first love yourself.
You cannot receive what you cannot feel inside.
If you want a peaceful world,
you must find that inner calmness inside
and allow that silence to move you in compassionate ways.
If you want a world to evolve
you must first be willing to change and adapt.
If you want war to stop
you must first see the conflict and battles
that are still raging within you.

~ Suzanne Wagner~


Life is not about getting your needs met or getting what you want. It is about opening love. Only once you get past a level of attachment in the realms of desire do you have a mind and soul that has matured into a place that you realize that you are here to alleviate suffering. But first you have to have worked through much of your own suffering to be able to see it externally and want to respond to it externally. You can go through the motions of appearing kind and compassionate and yet harbor resentment and anger that run around as thoughts in your mind and words that come out your mouth. In life, there are steps as we move towards truth and balance. It is an evolutionary step to move from a tribal war faring mind and one that has thoughts and actions that separate, demean others, cast down, put down, undermine, and make others the enemy, and then a mind that recognizes that those thoughts are not positive and yet the negativity still lives in the mind and the words have become much more subtle (yet still negative and demeaning) and there is a cleverness that manipulates the words in dark and masterful ways but it is still toxic and causes suffering to others, and finally a mind that chooses truth over lies, compassion for all things regardless of your prejudices, and practices kindness in all moments as one stays fully present in the moment.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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