March 28, 2017

Suzanne Wagner Quote – Love those in Denial

About the Author: Suzanne Wagner


Love those whose consciousness is still in denial.
Love those who have not evolved
to see that they do not live the rules of their beliefs.
Love those who hate because they still do not see
how much hatred they hold against themselves.
Love those whose need to be right on the outside
overrides their level of compassion that they hold on the inside.
But do not condone their bad behavior.
Do not turn a blind eye when they choose to hurt others.
Do not allow their childish behavior
to run amuck and harm the world and others.
Because you have to remember that they are children.
Their mind and soul have not evolved past
their need to satisfy themselves.
Maturity comes when you realize
that power does not come
from getting what you want
but by not getting what you want.
Then you realize that you are not in control
of what you believed.
You can have control but not by manipulating others
to get your own way,
not by pushing others down
so you can feel superior,
and not by hurting others to show your power.
Power comes from recognizing the interconnectedness
of all things, all actions, all plants, all animals, and all beings.
Only when you become one with everything
and no longer need to be separate and special
do you learn who you really are.
Only by allowing the compassion
to become the driving force inside your soul,
do you step towards the doorway
that leads beyond this dimension of suffering
and into another level of growth.
Can you let go of that desire
to lash out, hurt, and harm others and this world?
Those that cannot will suffer more
either in this life and time or another.
Choose to consciously control the mind
and move through the power of love.
At the end of the day it is the only way to end
the chaos that continues to plague this reality.
You can either feed the continuation of the suffering
or you can feed the awakening of another possibility.

~ Suzanne Wagner~

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