March 5, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 3/6/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 3/6/15

Today is the number 8. The number 8 has a natural drive for personal power but when that power is an expression of a deep emotional wound and that wound is not addressed or fully integrated then the power can be expressed as a way to control others to avoid the deep insecurity within. True power comes from knowing yourself deeply. Power that supports life and others is beautiful when it comes from a heartfelt place of compassion and understanding. Today do not try to have power over others just as a need to have some semblance of control over your reality. Instead find that power inside that is the balance of the light and the dark, the good and the bad within. You become trustworthy when you know yourself. You become confident when you are pursuing a higher vision. When you use your power to break down walls inwardly and outwardly that block transformation then you are the personification of courage. Let today be a day where your desire for peace and love of humanity supports a world wide shift in awareness. Until 7:53 PM EST, the Moon continues its transit in detail oriented, intellectual Virgo. You may feel instinctually moved towards practical activities under the influence of a Virgo Moon. Emotional satisfaction comes from solving problems, making order out of confusion, and helping others. Health matters might come into focus. Be aware that you may notice smaller aches and pains. You also may feel a little more reserved or self-contained. But you will also feel helpful if someone calls upon you. We pay more attention to details, and you are especially sensitive to criticism. The Moon moves into Libra at 7:53 PM EST and you will continue to be especially interested in creating order but more through harmonizing your relationships and your environment.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Love is born with you; it is your intrinsic quality. All that is needed is to give it away; to make a passage for it, to let it flow.


We are the bridge between heaven and earth. We are the connection of consciousness as it is flowing into this reality. It is your spirit and body that becomes moved in unity to express love. Each of us is born with this spark of love that is destined to be shared and expressed as a part of this life’s purpose. When you share love it grows. When you become afraid to show your love and passion, the energy becomes misery and it contracts and pulls away from the natural flow. Can you notice where you hold back your love? Are you willing to find out what happens in your life if you let love flow? That is how miracles happen. That is how you can discover that you are not alone, were never alone, and that energetic support and love is a constant that flows all around you at all times and in miraculous ways.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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