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Numerology/Astrology for 4/3/18

4/3/18 is the number 9. The number 9 is asking you to look at your choices and actions as residue of your past lives. Your judgments and prejudices are reflections of frozen beliefs and places where you soul was wounded and then stopped growing and evolving. The question is, “Do you want to keep making the same mistakes or do you want to move past the blockages of your past selves and decisions?” This number is ruled by Uranus and as it is the planet of disruption, it is the reminder that karma is always a disruptive force. Especially to you when you are caught in it. In those karmic moments you might even know that you are not acting properly or with conscience but you can hardly help yourself because you are reacting from your past wounding not responding to the moment. The number 9 reminds you that your purpose is to find what is the greatest good that you can do in every moment and then do that. And also, to have compassion for those still learning earthly lessons. You cannot find completion if you cannot see what your motive is in your actions. So many right now have the motive to be right. Which will never lead you anywhere that is completion, wholeness, compassion, and purpose. Today, find the deeper motive. For me personally it is always to tell the truth and to know that the truth causes those in denial great distress and pain but that the intention is not to do that but to help break them through the delusion and the suffering they are causing others. When truth hits, it is often like a brick. Truth instantly brings the karma home to roost. In one moment the suffering you have given out to others comes rushing back to you and makes you very uncomfortable. The more you have hurt others the more the truth causes distress. Completion comes from accepting your human failings and loving yourself into changing. Stop protecting and defending your mistakes and own up to it all. That is what will set you free.
The Mercury Retrograde is continuing to pull things out of the flow and into a new configuration, know that your scheduled plans are going to change so stay calm and keep the reactive controlling place inside to a place of collected acceptance. The Moon is in Scorpio is asking you to look again and look deeper than you have been looking. When the Moon enters Sagittarius early tomorrow it might be a better time to try some new things. Until then look at your options but stay very flexible. All emotional states are heightened, so remember to be kind to others because everyone is at their edge in some way. This global astrology is impacting everyone in different ways and so know that you are not the only one having a difficult time.  Today take a look at what you need to do to go deeper into what makes people tick. Your way is not the only way to navigate this world. When you are open to all the perceptions and angles, you broaden your world and become open and much easier to deal with. Later in the day we are moving towards a square between Mars and the present Mercury retrograde. Be careful because it is easy to get yourself in disagreements with others. Be aware if you are communicating ineffectively or impatiently. Right now, you don’t have to be right and you don’t have to stand on a soapbox when it comes to expressing your ideas, thoughts, and opinions. When you hold such a position it makes it difficult for others opinions to be heard equally. Be aware that people could be very agitated. Conclusions and decisions made now are not going to be correct later.

~Suzanne Wagner~




There is nothing more frightful
than ignorance in action.

~Johann Von Goethe ~



It is in ignorance that souls become lost.
It is in the turning away from the reality
that suffering is able to be maintained.
It is in the belief that you are special
that is the justification for prejudice.
It is in the decision to defend against
those who have less than you,
that war continues.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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