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Numerology/Astrology for 4/4/18

4/4/18 is the number 10. It is time again, to turn over a new leaf. What that looks like is completely up to you. But recognize that there is a tension and power struggle that is both obvious and intense. And it is not just. This is a global astrological challenge over the next few years. Learning how to hold that tension and that duality is what is going to build personal power and clarity. Power comes from being tested again and again to define who you are and your integrity in this world. If you cannot tell the truth from fallacy you cannot have real power. If you cannot stand for something of value that helps and serves others you also cannot have true power.
Today, aim for patience because Mercury moving backwards is challenging both Mars and Saturn for the next two days. This is the moment to think before you speak. The chances of things getting miscommunicated are very high. Regardless of how hard you try, that schedule you have set it not going to work out as planned. So, let go and let the flow show you a better way in this moment. Not all things can be figured out in the mind. The Moon goes into Sagittarius right off the bat today. In a way that is going to be a big relief because you might have some energy to get inspired and move towards those new visions of the future. Expect quite a bit of restlessness and swings from feeling okay to being somewhat depressed. Once you discover your direction it will feel better and less upsetting. Today you are choosing to have a more normal day. Some routines can even be helpful. All this astrology combines to make you feel a bit temperamental and sensitive. Do your best to not get caught up in the pattern of criticizing those that see differently than you. Just expect that no matter how good of a communicator you are that others are not hearing what you are saying completely. The emotional tension astrologically is making clarity a very difficult commodity to accomplish for the new week or so. Don’t start up with some intention to be competitive. Because people are not in the mood for a friendly conversation. Arguments are more likely. You might find that even you are struggling to say what you men in a way that does not sound ridiculous. Be extremely careful because hatred is preparing to boil over. There are many doors for this over the next few years but this is one now. Do your best to be honest and fluid all at the same time. You might notice that something from your past crops up for you to review and reconsider.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Power is dangerous
unless you have humility.

~Richard J. Daley – American Politician ~



I am so proud of the teachers standing up for better pay, better and newer books, and more money for schools. For too long, politicians have been more than willing to pay themselves more and more money and have ignored the needs of teachers and those attempting to educate the next generations. You cannot maintain a democracy if the people are not educated. And it is a type of well-rounded education without slants that allow for bias and prejudice to breed that create a world that is inclusive and supportive, as well as, open and willing to experience all people for the unique gifts that they bring and the flavors and colors that they give to this world.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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