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Numerology/Astrology for 4/5/17

4/5/17 is the number 10. It is not if you are the luckiest person. It is not if you had the wealth and opportunity from your birth family. It is not if you are the most talented. It is not if someone handed you the opportunity because they believed in your dream. It is always about being the most determined person. The person who is willing to get up…..again and again to go forward in the face of external resistance. Not all things work out when you are determined. Often people think that if they continue to ruthlessly hold onto a belief that somehow it will make it right in the end. That is also a fantasy. Things do not work out to teach us a lesson about the difference between what is really ours to actively hold onto and deal with because it is part of our karma and destiny and what is not ours and where we have inadvertently taken on something that is not ours. That which is truly yours always comes to you. Unfortunately, that means that we are attracted to our karmic reflection and lessons without even trying or thinking about it. There are many ways karma works. If you were a person who used others and never in that life ever woke up to realize that you were hurting others then you will fall victim to a person who does the same to you. Karma is like a swinging pendulum. We swing from one side to another being the victimizer and the victim until you wake up and recognize that standing in the middle in awakened awareness is essential for your progression to find balance and harmony. Today, stand up in the middle. Stand in the center point rather than an extreme position. Do not feel victimized by your life and your choices nor should you hurt and lash out at others. Stand in a clear place so you can see both sides of your nature. Only then can you find your footing and move in the direction of peace.

Mars and Pluto form a trine at the tail-end of the day but this energy colors the whole day. This is a powerful aspect that helps you to focus on goals, to take decisive action, and to go after what you want with a greater sense of priority. You are willing to explore alternatives rather than relying on the tried and true. You are not afraid of a challenge, and you are prepared to overcome obstacles. This is reliable energy for reworking or overhauling a project. You are especially effective, and possibly a little ruthless, when it comes to getting rid of what you don’t need. Your ability to take the lead is enhanced, and you can be very determined and focused. The Moon is in creative Leo all day and forms a trine with the Aries Sun, reinforcing confidence levels.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Remember this, girl,
You are half sea.
No one ever asks
the ocean to quiet her storm,
So why do you keep
Apologizing for yours?


I have fought long and hard for truth. Now I recognize that to many truth is irrelevant and that is a personal journey that they must go on to find themselves. If you do not know yourself you cannot possibly detect others who are lost in their own personal hell of fear and paranoia. If you do not love yourself on a deep level then you will project your own self-hatred out on others making them the problem rather than you. Ego’s love to lie to the human self and get it caught up in the game of right and wrong. It is an endless distraction that never allows peace within the soul nor acceptance. You cannot accept within yourself what you protect and defend in others (especially if those others are causing harm). So today, can you see your own disowned self in the positions your hold onto rigidly in the face of more information and truth? Are you ready to find the real truth of who you are? That truth is not always comfortable. You have not always been a perfect person. You have not always been a wealthy or happy person. You have been a person with many life challenges and wounds that still impact your psyche even now. But it is time to be whole. It is time to learn to see yourself in those that you protect and defend. Yes, you need to learn to love those reflections but you cannot integrate them unless you learn the lesson of their own mistakes.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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