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Numerology/Astrology for 4/4/17

4/4/17 is the number 9. There is a sense of completion in your life when you realize that it is all perfect in each choice and each moment. That does not mean that there were not challenging moments but there were those moments that were designed to bring you to a new awareness and understanding. When you recognize that you always were whole but life was designed to remind you of the parts within that you have ignored or forgotten, then you see a resolution of inner conflict and the finding of peace and gratitude for your existence. It is through the eyes of gratitude that you see the parts of your life as chapters in a great book of wisdom. You see the people in your life as the tools of your remembrance. No one is in your life as an accident. Each person and each conflict is a reflection of parts that you need to learn from and gain information and insight. I believe that we have all danced these dances before and we are here to help reawaken parts and places that we have forgotten. Just because you do not like the reflection you are being given does not mean that those reflections are not essential for your soul’s progression. Challenging moments shock us out of our lethargy and force us to find and define what is important in our life and what is our potential gift to the world.
The Moon continues its transit of Cancer until 6:14 PM EDT, and you are focusing creating beauty and love in your home and personal life. The Moon’s trine to retrograde Venus this afternoon can point to nostalgic feelings and a general ease or comfort with your affections. The Moon enters Leo at 6:14 PM, pulling you out of your shell as you want to have meaningful connection with others. With today’s Mars-Jupiter quincunx, you might have trouble making decisions or you might find it challenging to integrate one strong desire with another. This is a moment when you want to assess where you have been putting too much or too little of your energy. Your timing is not the best right now, as you may be out of synch with your instincts and natural rhythm. It becomes crystal clear where been overdoing things this week (peaking on Friday when the Sun opposes Jupiter). This will force you to reshuffling your focus and perceiving where you have not prioritized correctly.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Even a white rose has a black shadow.


I believe you can love all people, everyone, all animals and plants, and the earth. It is just that sometimes we do not know how to love them. You can love something and cause harm to it. You can love someone and not know how to connect to them on a deep and intimate level. Often it is the ego that gets involved and you tend to want to give what you like rather than what opens another. Long term love is learned by being willing to step out of your needs and feel into the needs of others. When you keep giving from what makes you happy you are not really feeling beyond yourself. Then your love feels like something that you are forcing on another. It does not feel good it feels off and that is because it is off. This is not “real” love it is still you doing an action attempting to get attention, to get noticed, or to get a loving response back that validates you. Unconditional love is about stepping beyond the self and into the deeper needs and desires that another is seeking to find wholeness. Love is when you give to another for the purpose of opening their heart more fully. Love is when your gift is not about “getting” anything back but because from your fullness and whole self, you recognize a need in another and you find a way to gift them what is essential for them to awaken their potential.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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