May 1, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 5/2/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 5/2/16

5/2/16 is the number 7. The number 7 demands that you get some things in order. The chaos is finally getting to you and you cannot stomach one more thing going awry. There are moments when you need to define the parameters of the thing you want to create. Without defining the borders and boundaries how can you work towards creating that? There is a moment when not having the conversation is harder than having it. Let that voice inside speak from a place of expressing what is not working so that truth can be out on the table. Then you can finally begin to create some sort of resolution that everyone can live with. The Moon is in Pisces all day, and you are especially tuned in to your more compassionate, dreamy natures. There is an approaching a Sun-Jupiter trine, which can have the effect of filling you with enthusiasm and optimism. You may want to act upon your charitable urges or right a wrong. You are focused on growth and making improvements to your life. You could be motivated by a desire to impress others or to feel better about yourself. Enthusiasm runs high, and cooperation comes easily.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Take the risk in telling the truth. Take the risk of showing your shadow. Your shadow has something to tell you. You have to love the parts that you have hidden in the darkness. There is great wisdom when you allow that voice to speak without the hard, negative, slant or trigger. You can tell the truth of how something feels to you in a way that you honor that shadows wisdom and you love it at the same time. Only together can you find that united front of clarity. Only by honoring all sides can you become whole.
~Suzanne Wagner~


My goodness, everyone seems to have so much going on right now. That intensity from the internal pressure and stress has built up to a breaking point. Fortunately today the astrology gives you an opportunity to break out of the old stuck pattern and to break through to a new awareness and clarity with others. It is not bad to be at this point. It is the line upon which you will no longer dance upon the fence of your old reality. You are tired of being on unstable ground and you are ready to stop dancing on that fence for anyone or anything. All you need to remember is that you speak and lead from your love and heart knowing. You respect that others are also up against his or her personal edges and simply show that there is another way and together that way can be found.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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