May 2, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 5/3/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 5/3/16

5/3/16 is the number 8. The number 8 asks you to get back into the infinite flow of this number. You have to be here now and you have to be connected into the higher places of consciousness. Finding how to live that life from a place of balance, wonder, and acceptance while alive and moving through this density is a big challenge. The Moon continues its transit of Water sign Pisces until 1:05 PM EDT, when it enters fiery Aries. The Sun and Jupiter form a trine aspect early into the day, stimulating hope, optimism, and a desire to improve, impress, and do good things. This influence is about growth and expansiveness. You are more aware of moral issues, and have a desire to improve your life and learn new things that support the evolution of who you came to be. The Moon’s entrance into Aries early afternoon can stimulate a desire to start fresh or take action. Generally speaking, however, with a New Moon on the 6th, this is a better time of the lunar cycle to let go and wind down than to begin entirely new endeavors. The Moon in Aries can be impatient and impulsive, but also courageous and open.
~Suzanne Wagner~


If I change, it’s for myself.


For the first time in a decade, there are 5 planets retrograde at the same time (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto). This pattern is a reminder to not fall into spreading idle gossip. You may feel a pensive concern behind the apparent frivolity. Instead, step into the space of the nondual consciousness. Know that underneath all appearances is a faceless person pulling the levers to activate all the drama and theatrics of some “Great and Powerful Oz” in your life.

Know that this Mercury retrograde is creating a type of paranoid, fear-based hype. You will notice a void in your life and there is a great desire to fill that void. But first keep clearing things out as a graceful subtraction like pruning a tree. You are looking at the places in your life that are energetically dead so it is time to clear how the old to allow in the new growth. Recognize that during this Mercury Retrograde carefully crafted, distilled, and well-times word-craft is going to be your greatest weapon.

The combinations of Mars, Mercury, Pluto, and Jupiter will make the things you have left unspoken finally address and expressed. This is a great time to do that writing you have wanted to get started. The effect of this can be a lot of “helpful mirroring” of patterns that have previously been disassociated from your core truth.

There is a type of detoxing that happens when Pluto and Mercury are retrograde together. Whether that detox is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual is up to your present patterns that need revisiting. Houses might need a cluttered colonic, or your hardened perceptions may need to be greased and reconnected to a bigger pattern.

Mars retrograde says, “Renounce or break free of your fear of having what you want”. This pattern can cause you to abstain or violate your pleasure threshold. This planet of energy, gumption, and drive going backwards is forcing you to bow humbly to the truth that an “Un-commenting Silence secretly, silently, burns every ego alive”. The soul grows most through letting go of things not by adding things and all these retrograde planets is giving you the moment to do just that.

Best to time your movements forward to coincide with the planets going direct. Jupiter moves forward in Virgo on May 10th, helping you to clarify the direction of your work and your life.

Mercury goes direct on the 23rd. As May unwinds, you will regain the clarity needed for decisiveness and forward motion. Then, on the 26th Jupiter makes its third and final square to Saturn, prodding you to breathe new life into old plans. Come June, the action and innovation ball starts to roll… whizzing into something unstoppable in July.

For now: don’t get distracted by the blizzard of backwardness. Instead, notice the stark teaching that all these retrogrades are pointing at: relax into the will of the divine or do it begrudgingly.

May Transits 2016

May 6th – New Moon in Taurus
May 10th – Jupiter direct in Virgo
May 20th – Sun enters Gemini
May 21st – Full Moon in Sagittarius
May 23rd – Mercury direct in Taurus
May 24th – Venus enters Gemini
May 27th – Mars retrograde re-enters Scorpio
~Suzanne Wagner~

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