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Numerology/Astrology for 5/2/17

5/2/17 is the number 8. In this moment take a look at where you are still holding grief? Dense and heavy emotions are often suppressed and hidden away in the body as they are not welcome in the conscious mind as it moves through the day. But holding them and not allowing the process of grief to move through completely is one of the ways we create disease and illness. The first stage is Denial and Isolation. It is a normal reaction to attempt to rationalize your reaction and this stage is often associated with defending your position and hiding from the facts. The second stage is Anger. Anger attempts to mask the effects of denial and isolation. The reality of the choices, circumstances and actions that caused the grief begin to remerge but as a soul you are not ready to deal with them. So, this intense emotion of anger is a deflection from the hurt vulnerable core. We feel guilty for being anger and this can make the anger even more intense. The third level is Bargaining. This is a completely normal reaction to feelings of helplessness and vulnerability and is an attempt to regain some sort of control. Sometimes we will try to make a deal with God or the Universe in an attempt to postpone the inevitable. It is a weakening line of defense to protect you from the painful reality that is attempting to emerge. The fourth level is Depression. Sometimes this is about dealing with the circumstances and the practical shifts that happen in your life when a person, circumstance, or situation has left. The creation of new patterns indicates that the past is truly gone. And there is a more private and deeper place where the consciousness begins to grasp that the world as you have known it is truly gone. The fifth level is Acceptance. Some people get to this level and some do not. Some never accept the depth and pain of a great loss. That lack of acceptance makes the person loop and loop relentlessly over the other stages which can cause types of illness and mental illness. Acceptance is about finding a way to come to peace with the situation and choices. Peace and acceptance brings sometimes the need to withdraw in order to find your own calm center. Acceptance can on certain levels still look like depression. But eventually that acceptance allows for forward motion that is the pathway to reclaiming your life back.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Whenever you fall you always land in the watery abyss.
That place where the emotional waves attempt to soothe and kiss.
The water is cool and the fires of hate go out.
The lessons integrate so you know what you are about.
You cannot live a full life in anger alone.
Anger tears the muscle from your bones.
Feeding the fire only more destruction creates.
Then true feelings only constipate.
Do not deviate from true loves path.
Or you will only see the destructive aftermath.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Many thanks to the amazing women who joined us for the Elemental Feminine workshop this last weekend with Jennifer Stanchfield and myself up in Heber. It was such an honor to see the openness, willingness, and vulnerability of so many women so willing to leap off the edge of their old self and explore a completely new potential that was wanting to be born. Thank you to those women who trusted us and allowed us to guide them to reclaim their most sacred self.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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