May 22, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 5/23/15- Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 5/23/15
Today is the number 9. As such it is a good idea to pay attention to your intuition and the small messages that are coming to your awareness. Subtle is better that overt today. Little things mean a lot and people are going to a little hypersensitive. Err on the side of love and kindness. Everyone has been through a lot for the last few days and remember that you are not walking in their shoes. You do not know the stressors that are happening in everyone’s life. But know that normal has not been the dominant energy. Be creative and let the winds of change dance around you. Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn this morning can stimulate some feelings of being unappreciated or alone. There might be some concerns about money or social matters. However, as the day progresses, you will feel less burdened. The Moon is in Leo all day, harmonizing with Mercury and Mars, and with Mercury and Mars parallel today, you can be especially resourceful and willing to diversify, but perhaps a little impatient. You want to get things done and put ideas into motion, and can be especially productive in your studies or work. You may be anxious to analyze or resolve a past problem. You can be rather short or insensitive in your communications, so remember to be kind.
~Suzanne Wagner~
Slowly but surely the drums that are playing in your soul will tremble loose everything that no longer honors your highest truth.

~Sharona Lautoe~
I know you hear those drums beating things loose in your reality. There is a magnification happening that will force us all to make some changes and choices that allow for a major shift over the next few weeks. Life has to keep going. Love has to be broken open at times and the walls that we have built up need to be broken down to let that love out. The walls that you are using to keep out those who love and care about you, do not serve who you are. It is the vulnerability that is the sweetness in life. It is perfect that you are not perfect. If you were perfect your ego could take you for a ride but that ride would be a lonely one. Do you really want to be alone? I don’t think any of us really want that. But knowing how to let others in when we are hurting is very difficult, especially in moments such as these. Let go. Open to you feelings. Let others know what is happening for you right now. You are never alone.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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