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Numerology/Astrology for 6/1/21                       


6/1/21 is the number = 12

Add the 6 + 1+ 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 12. Or 1 + 2 = 3.

The Number 3 helps us look at the good things we are doing in our life and make choices that serve not just others but also the next steps in our personal evolution. Look at life with the eyes of hope and positive feelings. Let the wildness out and then discover that we will also be able to let the joy in.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Astrology Today


The Moon is in Aquarius until early morning, at which point it goes into Pisces. The Pisces Moon tries to get us to feel deeply into our current situations. Sometimes we have to let those feelings move through us in ways that soften our face and deepen our breath. It is the reminder that we are not in control of our circumstances, so it is important to let things go in life. While we may not be able to control everything, we can permit to let things move through without a constant critique running in our minds.

For some, fears may surface, and the feeling of being powerless in the face of so many choices might be something to take a closer look. Often, we are holding more feelings than we realize. When those feelings start to move, it can be shocking to the psyche. Feelings are just as powerful as thoughts.

While we can control emotions through deflecting and avoiding, eventually, things will need to be expressed.

Try to rise above this world of suffering and see emotions as a great joy in being human.

This Moon aligns with Jupiter and then magnifies all things arising. Hopefully, more compassion is also one of those things occurring.

Mercury and Mars are in parallel, making there be more energy to our voice and conversations. Engaging communication is heightened and becomes very fulfilling. New thoughts and concepts arise. Excitement is in the air.

~Suzanne Wagner~





You do not know,

Until you cannot go.

~Suzanne Wagner~






Yesterday was a big day. It was filled with family, wonder, and heartfelt connection.

One that took my breath away.


I have had a condition that has happened at night for over 30 years that has never happened when I am awake.

Well, that happened on the boat as I was finished with the process of the scattering of Phil’s ashes under the Golden Gate bridge.

When it happens at night, I thought that I was getting mucus that lodges in my windpipe, and then it wakes me up because I can’t breathe. I have learned to sleep on my side, sleep with an adjustable frame mattress, and not eat after 7 pm. For years I thought perhaps “GERD” was the reason. But yesterday, I realized that it was a form of a panic attack.

Thirty-plus years ago, I went to the acupuncturist thinking that I was having an asthma attack. Dr. Zhang, checked my pulses and decided that I was having an anxiety attack. I was shocked, but once she put in needles within 5 minutes, it was gone.

But that had never happened again during the day and awake.

That was until today and until this ceremony to scatter my uncle’s ashes. All at once, the emotions of grief overtook me, and I was instantly unable to breathe. It was just like the night process, but this time I was fully awake, in a strong wind, and suddenly I could not breathe any air in at all.

It is a terrifying circumstance.

One that others cannot help me with because I cannot push any air in. It lasted for 15 minutes or so. I lose track of time.

I tried to say the word “Heimlich.” As in “Heimlich Maneuver.”

Often, if I can push the air out then, it will clear the mucus. But this time, it was literally like the emotion was a vice on my throat.

I could feel it was emotion. Any time I started to let that grief out, I instantly could not breathe again.

Jim’s daughter said that it might be a panic attack.

I realized she might be right. The death of both my uncle and his partner over a three-week period of time was hard enough. But then we were trying to unravel their lives on all levels and then celebrate their lives as Covid was starting to end. I guess the process was more strenuous than I realized.

I was told years ago in a study comparing dancers and marathon runners that both have a similar mental control that is unique to others. The therapists studying this said that my body was exhausted in the test and my CO2 to O2 ratio should have made me unable to stand or walk. Much less do the testing. But somehow, I was still standing.

I did not realize what that meant precisely, but now it makes much more sense.

I am still in desperate need of a break. I realize that now. So I apologize for those wanting appointments right now.

I will do my best to keep the videos going.

~Suzanne Wagner~





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  1. Lynds 1 month ago

    Hi Suzanne, I just read this for the 2nd time. A few nights ago, the same thing happened to me. I tried tapping ( I’ve been doing it for almost 3 years now, almost on a daily basis. Saves my ass!). The tapping points align with meridians along the body. Here is the tapping meditation I used.
    Love to you. ❤️ It’s been quite a ride for many of us the last little while.

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