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Numerology/Astrology for 6/15/18


6/15/18 is the number 5. The number 5 asks you to take care of your body and your family first. There are so many stresses externally that there are moments when sanity comes from connecting deeply with what really matters. Your health matters. Your family matters. Keeping them safe matters. Practice the art of compassion and connection with those that you love today. Life is teaching you. Life calls for courageous and passionate decisions and choices that allow for the evolution of love in this world. You are going to have to change so why not have some curiosity about this new reality and being to explore it like an adventurer. No, such moments are never easy. But they are an opportunity to learn the true meaning of what and who you are. Be bold and daring. There is a tone of responsibility with this number. And responsibility requires routines and restrictions to maintain balance. Do not indulge your mind when words inside your head want to come out and hurt others
~Suzanne Wagner~




Astrology Today

On Friday, practice communicating healthy boundaries that support your own health and well-being. A beautiful trine between Venus and Chiron today can open your heart to one another. This is very important right now for you see beauty in your imperfections as well as, the imperfections of others. This opens you to new ways of being with others.

Mercury opposes Saturn today. And this can do the opposite of the previous pattern. This stimulates your critical nature. So please be kind in what you let out of your mouth. This also points to some reluctance on your part to having certain conversations or engaging in certain ways. Expect to face some criticism, opposition, and delays. You might feel threatened by unexpected events or challenges to your opinions, ideas, truth, and intelligence. Resolve to think in more practical and realistic terms.

Decision-making doesn’t get much easier tonight as Uranus and Neptune head towards another semi-square aspect, and it can be difficult to choose a particular idea or dream without wondering if there might be something better.

The Moon spends the day in the sign of Cancer, the sign that it rules. This is helping us to express the outrage at warehousing children and the horror of separating children from their families where they have no protection.
~Suzanne Wagner~






Homeless shelters, child hunger,
and child suffering have become
normalized in the richest nation on
earth. It’s time to reset our moral
compass and redefine how we
measure success.

~Marian Wright Edelman~







As a people, we must stand against the immoral and horrible treatment of children begin separated from their families by the immigration authorities. When you are a child a moment feels like forever. Children have a more raw and intense experience of suffering than an adult does. That is because such feelings and emotions are untempered by personal experience or the cognitive reasoning power of a developed mind. The toll that such trauma takes on a child is shocking because you are creating neurological pathways in the brain from the experience. Thus, causing the potential for repetitive PTSD whenever any fear of separation arises in that child’s experience. As a child, we instinctively know that we cannot live or survive without our mother and family. This type of choice by our government exacerbates and magnifies the suffering of this world. And the people must rise up to oppose such barbarism. This is not who we are as a people. And there is no excuse or justification for this type of behavior from the wealthiest country in the world.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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