June 16, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/17/15
Today is the number 4. In order to be dependable you have to learn to hold your own center regardless of circumstances. You can do this without a neutral (number 4) center but it will take a physical toll over time. Today try to first find your center through meditation, breathing, exercise, etc. From that place you discover your inner deeper devotion to yourself and the truth. Once you know that you can apply your energy in more and more effective ways that support the dignity of all. When you are calm you are more determined and productive. When you are centered your core morals and values guide you and it is more difficult to manage people and come from a place of justice. The moment you realize your true nature and inner power the internal struggle goes away. Today, find your inner order and stability. Stay true to your deepest self. Be a faithful friend and accepting of all that life has to offer. The Moon is in Cancer all day, where it feels right at home as the Moon rules Cancer. Feelings of belonging and safety are prime motivators under this influence. This Moon position has much healing potential. Although insular, your feelings run deep, making it an ideal time to get in touch with what motivates yourself and others. When the Moon forms a trine with Neptune around midday, you can be especially sensitive and compassionate, and are easily touched. Intuition is enhanced. The Moon’s opposition to Pluto later today is more confrontational and challenging, but may also get you in touch with your deeper needs.
~Suzanne Wagner~
Men couldn’t care less if your strands are perfectly styled and neat. In fact, he might like you more with some wildness or bedhead, since it shows you’re carefree and relaxed.

~Helen Fisher~

When I think of all the hours and hours I have spent in my life trying to have the perfect French twist when I was at Julliard and SAB (School of American Ballet) I just take a breath and recognize that learning the art of exactitude is a valuable art. As I got older I discovered that my drive for perfection intimidated others and made them often feel not good enough to be around me. I believed that there was something I needed to do to be perfect instead of realizing that I already was perfect. Age is a beautiful thing in this regard. It mellows you and helps you let go of beliefs you made up about the world in order to explain things. So many of my beliefs have had to be let go of and more and more the carefree spirit of my nature emerged and allowed me to relax and have fun. Wildness is fun, crazy, unpredictable, and willing to be in the moment without feeling self-conscious about what others think. It is delicious when you know you are okay and there is no need to push so hard. There are ways to do all things in a more neutral and effortless flow. Let go and find out that life does not need to be so stressful and difficult. It is the mind and the demands of the ego that make things harder than they need to be.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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