June 18, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 6/19/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/19/16

6/19/16 is the number 7. The number 7 allows us to think in a way that is going to feel more productive than the intense emotional confusion that has been happening for many of us for months. I hope you all can find that place inside that will create from a constructive place rather than from all the fear that is running around in the media. Center yourself in your heart and knowing. When you know who you are and move from that place rather than from the place where you feel manipulated by your environment you regain your personal power and you will no longer be in conflict inside. The Moon continues its transit of Sagittarius all day. Having moved beyond its conjunction with Saturn, the Sagittarius Moon is uninhibited and spontaneous, seeking freedom and meaning. You should watch for where you might be being unrealistic. As the Moon forms a square with Jupiter early today you have an opportunity to wake up from that place of compromise and into the clarity of your own self. Mars forms a quincunx with Uranus shortly into the day and making adjustments to your goals may be necessary today. This can temporarily drain your energy or make you feel restless and impatient. If you are not in touch with your need to make changes, you could feel a little tense. The trine between the Moon and Uranus this afternoon is helpful in this respect, as seeking out improvements comes quite naturally. Emotions tend to run a little higher than usual with the Moon approaching Full (a Full Moon occurs tomorrow morning). Watch for some nervous tension and communication blocks as you move through this day.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Until we have met the monsters in ourselves, we keep trying to slay them in the outer world. And we find that we cannot. For all darkness in the world stems from darkness in the heart. And it is there that we much do our work.

~Marianne Williamson~

You are a free spirit. Your soul is what should guide you through your life and steady your hand and choice moving forward. Other’s opinions only matter to weak souls that are in that place of needing to fit in and belong. Those souls that seek out agreement for their negativity and enroll others in their fear patterns are not centered in themselves, their heart, and their intrinsic knowing. When you come from a place of centered clarity, the chaos of drama of the world unfolds like a movie you are watching. But that movie is just a story a drama being told from another person’s illusions. It only becomes real when you believe it and contribute to the pattern of distortion and dysfunction. Then that movie becomes a mirror of your own unhealed parts. That movie is never about others. It is about your shadow, your disowned parts, and the places inside you still deny. Right now, the world is an amazing mirror of our shadow aspects. When you own them internally then the external becomes not scary anymore, you recognize that the universe is teaching you to control your thoughts and actions and to come from love….always love. Everything is a reminder of where you lost touch with the central path of life, which is to love everyone and everything.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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