June 18, 2016


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Osho Zen Tarot: Courage, The Burden, Traveling
Medicine Cards: Blank Shield, Trukey
Mayan Oracle: Transformer, Complex Stability, Resolution of Duality
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Five of Swords, Nine of Cups, Queen of Swords
Aleister Crowley Deck: Pleasure, The Magus, The Devil
Healing Earth Tarot: Two of Pipes, Eight of Pipes, Six of Shields
Words of Truth: Form, Essence, Inspiration

Your essence creates the forms you experience in your life. The more willing you are to dive deep into your essence, the more clear the reality becomes because you are no longer needing to project your unresolved and buried issues into the external world. When you know yourself and you are clear with yourself, the dramas of the world, while fascinating to watch, (just like a movie that is very interesting) no longer hook you or elicit a strong negative response because you understand this is just the universe attempting to wake others up. Your own negativity is often much scarier to confront than the illusions and projections that others make up in order to feel something and to wake up from their own living nightmare.

This month, how can you inspire others to awaken? How can you give the greatest gift you have? Do you know what that gift is? It is the gift of your clear reflection of truth and your compassionate heart of understanding. It is your faith and belief in humanities ability to break out of the patterns of fear that paralyze them and do not allow them to see the love that they have inside is more valuable and precious than any external illusion that would want to drag them down.

What you fear in others is what you fear in yourself. Your judgment of others is also, right now, judging you … harshly. You project onto others the suffering you are subtly and quietly inflicting upon yourself. Your words of anger and fear reveal how fear based and angry you are at yourself.

This month it is time to resolve this duality internally so the external can grow beyond this pattern of stagnation. You can transform your fear into courage. You can let go of this heavy burden you have been carrying.

Use the energy of this month to allow for healing in a greater way than you have previously been willing to go. It takes a willingness to move in the direction that may shatter your illusions rather than reinforce them. When you are looking for agreement to feel strong in your convictions it means that those convictions are pretty shaky. If you do not know your deepest self then the opinions of others can cause confusion and spiteful conversations.

Reaction is a form of defense.

Truth does not need to be defended… it needs to be embodied.

Look to what challenges you need to undertake at this time. The wisdom of the north is leading you back to the innocence and trust that the south symbolized. It is time to come back to your younger self. He or she has the wisdom and oneness you are seeking at this time.

This month is a time of unity, a time when we need to come together and no longer be separated. You have two faces, the face of experience and the face that is your original face. The face of experience is scarred and aged from the suffering and struggles this life has offered up as challenges for you to grow. Your original face is one that knows this path was chosen and that this life will give you what you seek if you are willing to open to it.

The cards indicate that travel this month is a doorway to reclaim your original self’s face and reflection. It is through being in nature that you may catch a glimpse of your original self and find the doorway to come back home.

What I love about this month is the shift of power from the masculine order to a more feminine fluid power and structure. The feminine is gaining strength this month and the old masculine world is like shattered glass under his feet. It is a major shift in the reality as we prepare for Jupiter to leave Virgo and go into Libra on September 9th.

The old mindsets are breaking under the pressure of adamant change that has become a driving force of nature that will no longer be stopped. The sword of truth is in the hands of a woman in the Five of Swords and it is the only sword still intact after the battle. Only truth will survive these astrological tidal shifts. The distortion has become so extreme that it has become almost a joke. That is wonderful because the world deserves peace not all this chaos that the illusion has created.

In August the majority of humanity is no longer buying it. Swallowing the truth seems easier like drinking quenching water where as the distortion is like trying to choke down rotten meat. No matter what anyone tells you, you know it is garbage and it needs to be thrown out. Now the only problem is learning to love yourself after awakening to the fact that for a time… you contributed to that distortion is either small or large ways.

Let it go. Forgive yourself and know that you needed to push this energy to an extreme position to awaken from the nightmare of fear you have been living under.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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