June 26, 2017

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/27/17
6/27/17 is the number 7. Strategy without a compassionate heart is manipulation. To want to be better, smarter, and more mentally quick than others is a huge form of ego at work in that person’s life. You do not need to be intelligent to be manipulative, you only need to have qualities that make others feel bullied and afraid. It is time that we take a look at the qualities that we empower and allow to flourish in our society and decide which ones serve the greater good or don’t. We are in a time when this planet is calling for leaders of great courage and conscious to come forward. It is in times of great upheaval that leaders with a strong moral fiber are born into their hidden potential. Each soul has a hidden potential and it becomes activated by upset, pressure, chaos, and circumstance. Are you one of those awakening at this time? What do you feel is the strategy that will move through your body/heart/mind that will allow you to make a difference, regardless of whether it is in a small or large way?
Mercury forms a square to Jupiter and then a trine to Neptune today. Making your ideas want to be big, but be careful as you may also jump to conclusions or speak before you know all the facts. Imaginative activities thrive, but you may miss important details in pursuits that require mental discipline. There is a tendency to overstate, say too much, exaggerate, or latch onto wild ideas. You might be inclined to make decisions based on your intuition, imagination, and moral sense under these aspects. Mercury is moving towards an alignment with Mars, creating a particularly fertile, creative time on mental levels. The Moon continues to transit playful, creative, and dramatic Leo until 8:43 PM EDT, when it enters Virgo. The Virgo Moon is helpful, earnest, and particular.
~Suzanne Wagner~
The aim of life is to be fully present
in each and every moment.
When you are not living in the past or the future,
you can fully feel into this moment
and the needs and impulses that are there
to motivate you into greater consciousness.

~Suzanne Wagner~

What if hearts were incased in glass chests?
What if everyone’s heart could be seen?
Would you lash out and hurt with your words
if you could see the damage that you inflicted on others?
Do you realize that cruelty hurts hearts?
Do you realize that those toxic beliefs you hold make hearts bleed?
If you could see every wound you make with your carelessness, would you stop?
If you knew the damage you are doing to others was contributing to the total collapse of societies and the world…. Would you continue your actions?
Or would you finally find that compassionate place and choose to live there?
~Suzanne Wagner~


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