June 25, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 6/26/17 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/26/17
6/26/17 is the number 6. How do you connect your higher and human selves? How do you find that emotional curiosity and deep love for humanity when you feel so exhausted and emotionally spent? Service to humanity does not happen when it is convenient, it happens when your heart is broken open into a place of balanced grace and compassionate expression. When you do not feel completely balanced, what will allow you to get there is often gifting your heart and love to others in ways that have meaning and give a true impact. Gestures are a step in the right direction but actions speak louder than your words or your wallet. Notice where you have compulsive attachments to your money and success. Do those really feed your soul? Or are you chasing something that is always just out of reach. Instead, turn that energy around and start giving rather than wanting to “get”. When you give with an open heart and authentic desire to make a difference, the universe will notice and bring you what you need in order to help others. There are harsh lessons for the greedy and selfish people in the domains of karmic reciprocity if you hoard and wants all the money and toys with no intention of sharing or giving to others. Giving of your heart and time is worth way more in the karmic balance of life than giving lip service or your money. You can make a difference. If each person just gave a day of time and energy to something that they loved and cared about the world would be a much better place.
You will be feeling accomplished today so focus some of that energy in the directions that support your spiritual expansion, your intuition, and your compassionate hearts expression. With the Moon is in Leo all day, and we are proud, noble, and respectful. It also makes the beginning of this work week a bit easier as you are feeling more loving and creative. The Leo Moon is devoted, affectionate, and generous. It is a good time to seek out channels for expressing personal emotional drama or your creative potential and a sextile between the Moon and Jupiter this afternoon can be helpful for this. Your moral sense is strong, and you are motivated to do right by others.

July Preview:

July appears to be the preparation month for the lunar and solar eclipses with the Mercury Retrograde in August. That pattern is setting the stage for a wildly intense Autumn so enjoy the calm while you have it. Be sure to get out and enjoy July as it is a time to celebrate your family and the great outdoors while you have the time and energy to go on those trips and have those picnics. During July and August, explosive Uranus is within one degree of moving to its next sign, Taurus. Although Uranus does not begin his seven-year run through hard-working Taurus, you can get a hint about what is beginning next May 2018 if you tune in now. This also means that you get to look at what you need to finish or clean up since Uranus first moved into Aries back at the Japan earthquake in March 2011.

Another reminder that as Uranus is getting closer to shifting out of fiery Aries and into earthy Taurus in 2018, it is important to plan and understand that Uranus likes to blow things us and create radical change and Taurus is the sign of money. Uranus creates shock waves and sudden awareness of sudden enlightening insights and understanding. When such a volatile planet moves into the super-material earth sign of Taurus, your material reality will experience big changes. Those changes are already happening if you look closely. Brexit in England is causing a shift in the money patterns in Europe and the Euro. We here are experiencing changes and profound shifts in money from the standpoint of loss of jobs and the wealthy getting all the tax breaks while the middle class seems to be disappearing or collapsing. With Uranus preparing to go into Taurus notice the changes beginning to happen to the earth itself, your financial foundations, real property, and the value of money. It is realistic to see that there will be shake ups to property and property values again and a rift in global economies.
~Suzanne Wagner~
You are never the same person after you cry.
Your life changes with every tear you shed.
You release and let go of what has been blocking
your fullest expression in every tear
that flows out your eyes
and you become reborn, refreshed,
new and more open.

~Suzanne Wagner~

How many of you have held anger up as a shield to protect your most vulnerable self? Each of us have done this and are still probably doing it right now. Often, we do not realize how much we stuff inside our body. We expect our poor body to somehow contain all that suppression without a consequence. I have spent my life becoming more and more aware of my body and because of my body’s unique and crazy construction, I have had to pay attention in order for it to work well in this dimension and time. Even with my complete love, honor, and support of my body in all ways (such as diet, exercise, bodywork, acupuncture, etc.) I am constantly amazed at how much it holds. Since my 20’s I have noticed that even once you get through the many layers of this life’s suppression, wounding, and constricting beliefs, you will discover the multitude of layers of past life patterns that are just below the surface of your consciousness. Take the time to commit to your body’s health and well-being. Begin a regimen of bodywork, healing, nutrition, exercise, etc. until you can unravel the layers of blockages that you are still holding inside.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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