June 28, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 6/29/17 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/29/17
6/29/17 is the number 9. In every moment, you can choose completion. Completion does not mean that you get what you want. Completion is about surrendering to what is. You choose to let go and allow the truth of the moment to sink in. You allow the past to be the past. You allow others to find their own path rather than follow yours. Just because you can see something does not mean that others have the perception or awareness that you do. Everyone is on his or her own journey of self-discovery. Karmic lessons come to all of us in our own time and only when the pain becomes so great that you cannot take it another minute will you risk change. Change is coming. You can feel it in the air. A shift of energy greater than anything you have yet seen is stalking you in the darkness of your denial. Will you awaken? Will you choose to participate in the creation of a new world that serves everyone not just a few? Take a moment and look inside to what you are willing to stand up for. Is it the children, the elderly, the planet, the animals, safety, honesty, spiritual progression? A life that does not stand for something is only an empty shell with no substance. You know you can do better than that.
As far as I am concerned we are entering into the eclipse zone. Often you feel the eclipse energy six weeks before and six weeks after. So technically this one began the day that Comey testified. The forces right now are extremely oppositional. (In case you haven’t noticed.) And the tension is building up to a breaking point. Personal and professional frustrations are very high and standoffs and resistance is the name of the game. Everyone wants his or her opinion to be heard and the result is that no one is feeling heard. The Moon transits Virgo all day, and Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, opposes Pluto today, pulling up some tension. You might either feel a compulsive need to talk and question or to withhold information. There can be an insistence on knowing the truth or on exposing falsehoods. You might also feel a lot of pressure to come to a decision. There can be some paranoid thoughts or extreme suspicion under this influence. Know that you will be dealing with issues of power and competition, and there can be a feeling that external circumstances are undermining your sense of being powerful. In the process, you will be able to get in touch with your internal motivations. Outside forces can remind us of your need to take better charge of your life. Just know that shortcuts to gaining control will not work out as you anticipate. Expect tricky or buried issues to come to a head.
~Suzanne Wagner~
“The earth is the inheritance of man,
and consequently any honest traveler
has the right to walk as he chooses,
all over that globe which is his.”

~Alexandra David-Neel~

At least with this astrology… there is so much anger running that the Republican Health Care bill won’t be able to make it through the Senate at this moment. When did cruelty become the norm in America? I find the total lack of compassion shocking and appalling. We used to be the country with open arms for the battered and weary and now we have allowed those with selfish self-interest to have control over the standards upon which we have built this country and thrived. The theme now seems to be, if you (for any reason) have a problem that those in power, define as less than acceptable, you get to die for your choices and problems. Even if those choices were not completely your own (such as the opioid crisis). It is painful for me to witness such heartlessness and rigid disgust that the people in power have for those suffering and struggling. It is like we have gone back to the dark ages where if you have a disability, negative inherited trait, illness, or wounding, you somehow do not deserve compassion, help, support, healing, and understanding. In the past, such people became shunned and an untouchable. This was not the world that I have stood up for and cultivated as part of my very being. And I will not be silent as those that carry the seeds of hatred and darkness attempt to destroy what has been beautiful about America and what has been the beacon of hope for this world for over 200 years. As Americans, you cannot allow these horrible voices of dysfunction and targeted suffering to become more powerful and to be unleashed upon this world. So, stand up for something. Stand up for the compassionate heart that wants a better balance for all.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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