June 29, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 6/30/17 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/30/17
6/30/17 is the number 10. Focusing power is going to be the challenge for the next month. The astrological energy and the numerology today is asking you for focus but know that your energy is going to come in short bursts rather than long waves of inspired creative flow. So, leap on it when that energy is there but don’t take on huge projects. The culprit is that Mars (the planet of energy, gumption, and drive) is going behind the sun so its energy is not as available as you might like. But it is great for relaxing for the summer, hanging out, and connecting with friends and family. Since August is a big month, (with all the eclipses and the Mercury Retrograde) it might be a good idea to take the time while you have it to ground in, connect to what is really important in your life, like friends and family, and regenerate your own life force. Remember, real power comes from a calm center and a life of wisdom comes from powerful life tests and experiences.
The Moon finishes its transit of Virgo at 3:04 AM EDT when it enters Libra. With the Moon in charming Libra, you may find the best emotional fulfillment when your interactions with others are balanced and harmonious. The First Quarter Moon occurs today at 8:51 PM EDT when the Sun in Cancer forms a square with the Moon in Libra. You may feel compelled to take action but just choose wisely. Notice how your actions affect those close to you. Expect your projects to face some obstacles. But overall do your best to slow down, rest, regroup, enjoy, and do things that feed your soul. Make this weekend one to remember. Take a moment to do the things that give back to you. Don’t get lost in the routine of your daily life. Break out of the mold and find what really brings you joy.
~Suzanne Wagner~
Suffering raises up those souls that are truly great;
it is only small souls who are made mean-spirited by it.

~Alexandra David-Neel~

I do my best to speak out to the conscience that resides within the heart and soul of each person. This is a moment in time when I know that there is goodness inside those who are being mean-spirited but being confronted with their darkness, day after day, is shocking to witness. When did logic and responsibility for your choices and actions become unnecessary? When did we allow such rampant lies and corruption show up in the news? Where is the accountability to the truth? I understand that there are those that are out there that are actively manipulating the news to inflame and twist people to their mean-distorted reality. But you also eventually have to take accountability for your own choices. And then learn to turn that bus around and come back to sanity and the reality. If enough people do not turn around the entire world is at risk of breaking under the strain of anger and hatred that is being created. You cannot live in a world with such separation and rage. This type of energy causes breakdown of the things you think that you are protecting. But hatred breeds horror. Anger breeds war. Prejudice breeds chaos. Each of you in now responsible for adding to that energy or shifting that energy towards a more holistic truth. Only if enough turn around can this world be saved.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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