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Numerology/Astrology for 6/30/18

6/30/18 is the number 2. The number 2 reminds you to look at where the duality continues to divide this beautiful world. And where are you divided inside between what you know is a good and true path and what you are actually manifesting in the world. Are your actions helping and serving life or are you in your ego and shutting out others needs in order to have what your mind and ego wants? The Moon is the tarot card that rules this number and it is the indicator that things are in illusion, delusion, hysteria, madness, dreaminess, and falsehood. So things are not what they seem. You have to learn to have discernment, take responsibility, notice where there are fearful and weak-willed people and reflections in your life. When one loses sensitivity and consideration of others, one loses the higher moral ground and the perceived stability become quick-sand under your feet.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Saturday morning brings quick mental challenges so get ready to stretch into some new patterns of perception. The Moon moves into Aquarius just past midnight.

Mercury forms a square to Uranus and then a trine to Chiron today. These aspects stimulate your inner healer to awaken so you can sense what is below the surface and have sudden flashes of insight that are intended to move you into a new territory. Your old patterns seem monotonous. This moment wants to open you into new ways of looking at problems and the world.

The Moon aligns with retrograde Mars today, firing up emotions but you may find it difficult to move your energy in ways that give you relief.

With the Sun forming a quincunx to retrograde Mars, there can be some inner tension between the inner and outer realities. There is a tendency to fly off the handle, so move your energy thoughtfully first. It may be difficult to find peace today. Expect to feel a bit “out of sorts” about the world. There can be tension revolving around going after what you want since what you want may not feel in the flow that supports all aspects of your being.

~Suzanne Wagner~



There is
no witness so terrible


No accuser so powerful

As conscience

Which dwells within us.
~Sophocles (496-406 BC)~

“Never do anything against conscience,
even if the state demands it.”
~Albert Einstein~



It pains me to see young children being presented to a judge without advocacy. It pains me because these types of choices destroy what is the America that we have all been raised in. How did we get to a place so quickly that international laws on such abuses (that we helped create to be illegal in the world) are suddenly okay to do in our own country? Those of you that are concerned with the direction of this country are standing up for what you think is right. But it is falling on deaf ears and those in power are doing everything that they can to discourage dissent with threats that are of the type that mafia bosses and totalitarian dictators use. This is not the country that the world has looked up to for over 200 years. It is becoming something that none of us recognize. I pray for the heart and soul of America. And I recognize that so much more is at stake than some want to admit. We are a country that has lost the path in the wilderness.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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