June 30, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 7/1/18 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 7/1/18

7/1/18 is the number 10. The number 10 or 1 brings us back to looking at ourselves, the “I” or the number 1. If you are not having an impact in the way you want or expected then there is something inside that you have not yet tapped into that will give you the added push just like the number “0” does when it is added to any other number. You need to magnify what you are doing. You need to own your power and what you want. You need to learn to work in ways that support that progression and impact. It is not time for childish temper-tantrums. It is time to be a warrior for good. A warrior for life. A warrior for the planet. Then together we can make a change that transcends petty differences and beliefs. Everyone that has a healthy psyche, wants to protect children, wants a clean work for our blood lines, wants clean air to breath. Wants laws that protect but are also fair and compassionate. If we all start simply, at the beginning, at the number “1”, then we can find a way to make that work for all.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is still in the sign of Aquarius, making your desire to connect with others strong.

Venus forms a couple of minor challenging aspects today. So expect an interruption of flow in social situations. Your perceptions are skewed by fears and insecurities, therefore do not do those knee-jerk reactions. Know that nothing is what it seems.

You may want to second-guess your feelings and your personal relationships. I would not buy any high-end merchandise under this Venus quincunx Pluto earlier in the day. It is time to reassess almost everything in your life, your relationships, how you spend money, and who you socially engage with. You will not be able to tolerate those who are living out of alignment with the laws and rules that support live and abundance on this planet. Because of that there will be those whose fears may explode out into the world and lash out at those that will not buy into their illusions and delusions. Know that you will have to stick to only the things that are life affirming and life supporting, and those things that bring more compassion and understanding onto this planet. This is a test of your moral fortitude and character. It is never about being right or belonging to a group. It is about doing what is right and what causes no harm to others, this world, and all living things. Resistance to these earthly truths can push you, seemingly out of nowhere, into your emotional blind spots. It is painful when you recognize that your denied hatred and fear are controlling your life.

With the Venus-Saturn influence you may be taking your relationships, interactions, exchanges, and pleasures much more seriously. You will not able to emotionally interact with those that are out of alignment with the rules and laws that govern life on this planet. It will be the only way that you can impact those with such hatred and negativity to humanity and life to feel the void of your absence. They will not listen to words, so you must remove yourself from some people and allow them to feel what it is like to stand alone in their own self-created world of fear and hatred. The dark side of people and relationships is becoming more and more revealed. I saw this pattern many years ago and tried in my own small way to get those around me to look directly at the shadow held within them. But denial is a survival instinct and at that time it was not possible. It may not even be possible for some now. But there is so much obvious darkness exploding out of humanity that it would be hard to miss. Right now, even small things in your life will require patience. This is not a time for making those bigger decision-making choices. Keep it small and keep looking at your own behavior, your own reflection in the mirror and your own hidden shadow. If you don’t like what you see in that mirror, if you don’t look organically happy and calm, if you don’t see your authentic self, coming through the reflection in that mirror, then you might need to make some changes.

~Suzanne Wagner~




You can only protect your liberties in
this world by protecting the
other man’s freedom.
~Clarence Darrow~



July Overview

July continues to have Mars retrograde through August 27 (just started on June 25). Know that the frustration level of many is primed to go off. Do your best to not antagonize others. Work to solve problems and do not attempt to make more for anyone or anybody. Each person will be looking at their own inner and out reflections of anger and conflict. When you just allow a clean reflection to another to be there without attacking or trying to make a point, the potential that they can see beyond the projections they have in their own mind becomes more possible. Mars retrograde through August requires you to review and revise your aspirations and ambitions. The way through such energy is to make certain that your actions and intentions move you towards goals the serve the greater good.

And there are going to be two eclipses in July. A New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 12, and a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on July 27 and then another Solar Eclipse on August 11 in Leo.

So, “Batten down the Hatches” and get ready because it just might be a bumpy ride.  The July 12th solar eclipse brings in new energy in that it is the first in a series of Cancer-Capricorn eclipses that will take hold in 2019. Because Cancer is the sign of the Good Mother. She is nurturing and wanting what is best for the women and children of the world. Watch your emotions and what is triggering them. Caner is associated with home, family, food, emotions and residential real estate, so pay attention if these types of issues coming into your focus.

The July 27th lunar eclipse is in Aquarius and Leo. Its intention is to pull you apart to make certain your heart is fully and painfully open and engaged in what you wish to create in your life. Some people will get together with old friends; others will start to look at options for meeting new friends and participating in new groups (which will become more active in the fall). The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius attempts to make you think in the longer goals for this world and this planet. After all we are in the Aquarian Age and that is supposed to bring peace to humanity and life in this world. But to do that we must make laws that consider all. Not just a rich few. Clearly, doing the same old comfortable rut thing is not working at this time. You have to get to the bottom of the cause of so much anger, suffering, and dysfunction in the world right now. There are many of you out there that may need to (during those eclipses) detach from the world for a bit because the news is going to be shocking and overwhelmingly painful to watch. I know everyone is pretty filled with the intense awakening that is happening globally to the gut wrenching truth of this world right now. If you need to pause for your own sanity then go for a walk and do something that reminds you of the beauty in life but do not watch the news.

Adding to that intensely conflicting energy is Mercury. The communication God and the God that can go from Heaven to Hell and back is going to turn retrograde on the 25th of July into the middle August, in Leo.  Mercury retrograde continues and amplifies the theme that has been going on for a while, asking you to look at where your heart is engaged and where you need to have more fun. Leo Retrograde can lead to making those with inflated egos worse. It is known for being snobbish and wanting to stand separate from those that are most humble and most in need. They energy creates a type of nervous anger, where you believe that others are going to find out about how dysfunctional you really are and about what you really think. You are afraid that they will judge you or at the very least the hard truth (when it comes out) will bring arguments, conflicts, and accidents. Any external circumstances become inflamed under a Mercury Retrograde in Leo. And this month there is a lot of potentially inflammatory patterns to contend with. There is a very challenging T-square aspect pattern on that day between the Sun, Mars and Uranus, which will exacerbate the standard Mercury retrograde problems like communication misunderstanding and the breakdown of mechanical and electrical machines. Practicing the art of common sense, caution and patience to avoid rash actions, over reactions and risk taking is going to be essential. Expect the unexpected by staying open-minded and flexible. This will make it easier to adjust your plans in response to a kaleidoscope of changing circumstances.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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