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Numerology/Astrology for 6/8/17

6/8/17 is the number 26/6. Spirit moves the number 6 as it is connected to our heart and the rainbow bridge that is love. It is through the love of your heart that you find peace and acceptance regardless of situations in the past. The past must always be released. Carrying it along with us becomes a burden very quickly. Some people want to use that baggage as some sort of shield to show others that they are already wounded so to not wound them again. Some use that shield as a badge of righteousness and honor. Neither work in the long run. The past must always be released with grace and respect. You carry the lessons learned forward but the story no longer becomes important.
With Mercury and Pluto in a minor challenging aspect today, you have a rather suspicious or critical way of looking at how things work. If others aren’t agreeing with your ideas or adopting your methods, you might in this moment, take it as a personal affront. Be aware that you may be tempted to manipulate others or situations in an attempt to control responses, which can lead to unnecessary stress or pressure. There is a tendency to suspect ulterior motives too readily now. Used well, however, this can be a good time for developing strategies and for investigating matters more deeply. The Moon spends the day in Sagittarius, which can help lift you above minor issues, and its sextile to Jupiter in Libra points to the desire to give one another the benefit of the doubt. However, with the Sun and Pluto moving towards a quincunx, it may not be enough to steer you completely away from rumination or worry.
~Suzanne Wagner~
“There is nothing noble about ignorance.
We all suffer from it in some way.
It’s in our best collective interests
to focus as much effort
as possible on education.”
~Ralfee Finn~
And so it begins. This is the moment when those in power have astrological charts that begin to explode, fracture, and fragment. Actually, it began yesterday slightly but this is the day where the full impact of certain planets will begin to alter the reality on drastic levels. I believe there are moments when a large group of humanity needed to be shocked into waking up and galvanized forward. Fortunately, that is what is happening in this world at the moment. I am proud of those who have stood up for truth and I feel badly for those that are caught in the net of someone else’s game. There are always lessons to learn and what this has done is forced us to recognize that education is so critical in order to allow everyone to have a mind that can discern truth from myth, fantasy from real potential, honesty from deception, and integrity from manipulation. For everyone this has been a very difficult lesson to address and look inside to the anger and resentment that has been hiding in the shadows and has now awoken to the horror and the blinding light of truth. In this moment, I suggest that everyone do something for your body; massage, yoga, Tai Chi, Rolfing, hot springs, etc. to help your body rid itself of all this very toxic chaos that has been spread around and infected everyone to a greater or lesser degree. I personally have been doing 2 plus hour deep structural integration sessions twice a week, and it has been amazing to see how much my body has been holding and attempting to cope with in these very difficult times. And I am a person who is very committed to exercise and a healthy diet and lifestyle. So, everyone could benefit from this shift in awareness from the external stressors to the internal holding patterns that are not conducive to a healthy and happy life. Take the time for yourself. You are worth it. Just remember that if you took 20 years of abusing your body and suddenly want to get healthy it can take a few years to get all of that out again. Commit to health and well-being. Commit to learning how to work with the body rather than use it as a dumping ground for stresses in your life. It is by recognizing that only when you learn to honor the body equally to the mind and heart can you actually transcend this reality and move into another one.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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