June 30, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 7/1/15
Today is the number 7. Once again, we are in the cosmic numerological repeat. We have to go back in order to go forward. What did you not complete? What did you strategize that is not going to work the way you thought? You might want to use that brilliant brain of yours and do something different than the previous plan you were attempting. It is time to re-work that idea as now you have more information. There is also the energy of the full moon shining its light and clarity into a situation. Now you can see things for what they are. And as much as that is a shock it also creates a resolution to a new future, one that is going to be very different than the old reality. Again today, the Moon is in Sagittarius all day, encouraging a more spontaneous and spirited approach to the world. Venus is approaching a conjunction with Jupiter, exact early tomorrow. This is a generous and charitable aspect that can have the effect of opening your heart to a new level of self-love. Notice that I said self-love. Today, your feeling matter more than others and that is a good thing. I know it is going to feel like you are being selfish but you are not. This moment is essential for you to break out of an old pattern that has repeatedly wounded you. You can tell this because both Jupiter and Venus form a quincunx with Chiron. There can be a questioning where you need to go next. It is going to be difficult but when you realize that your happiness matters more than being the one that constantly fixes everything, you will have the breakthrough you are looking for. You may feel a little lost so listen to yourself at all costs. There are many obstacles to face but you can do it.. Circumstances are such that you need to make major adjustments to your plans and goals. You may need to tame expectations of others if they are unreasonably high. This moment is about the shifting of priorities so realize that things are in flux. Insecurity involving others might make it awkward for you to express your affections naturally or flowingly. This moment is more about protecting yourself and your new beginning that is unfolding. You can use this Venus and Jupiter to propel you forward in your life. New love can open up and it is excellent for money and others will recognize your value and effort. We are in a 7-day so you want to jump in and use this energy to get things started and grounded into the new reality.
~Suzanne Wagner~
“I’m not funny. What I am is brave.”

~Lucille Ball~

Today you have to be brave. Braver than you wanted to be and brave in a way that looks like you are leaping off the cliff of the old reality so totally and completely that you are shocked by your own actions. But it is not all bad news. Everything in your life has prepared you for this moment and when you attack it with bravery then you do not doubt the reality that is unfolding. You trust that the guides and angels have prepared you for this moment perfectly and you are ready to make this shift. Take a look back and see that everything in your life is really perfect. Windows in life open and windows in life close. Learning to do them with grace and an open heart is what takes great conscious skill and finesse.

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