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Numerology/Astrology for 7/1/17
7/1/17 is the number 9. Yes, we made it to July. And yes, I know that we are confronting great challenges and attempting to make big shifts into a new reality. What is the nature of completing things? Does that mean you ramrod dysfunctional patterns through just to be done. No! It does not. It means you look at what it means to be complete on the whole not just the small part of your desires and wishes. Getting your own ego agenda completed rarely means you are complete. It often means you have to start over and at the beginning once again. Step out of the small “I” and into the bigger global “We”. When you work for the greater good of all that is what makes a “true” completion.
The Moon is in Libra all day, stimulating your need to make peace with others. Take that as far as you are willing at the moment. Make peace with your ego. Make peace with your choices. Make peace with those that do not think like you. Make peace and create a world of tolerance and love rather than a one of separation and hate. The Libra process of getting to a state of peace and balance is not always very peaceful! In fact, there can be some very strained moments, but a learning experience as well, and the latter is more likely this morning as the Moon aligns with generous Jupiter. As the day advances, the Moon gets in between the oppositions of Mercury and Mars to Pluto. This points to some tensions and a belief that you must manipulate to get your way. That is not the case if you are working again for the greater good. Harmony and beauty are deeply satisfying with the Libra Moon, and the lack of them can be emotionally unsettling. You may be attempting to settle arguments or reverse stalemates. One-to-one relationships are where you want to focus
~Suzanne Wagner~
The more humanity is hurting…
The more dangerous it becomes.

~Suzanne Wagner~

What will it take for humanity to see beyond the shallow reflection of fame and power? What will it take for men and women to see where they are lacking compassion and humility? What will it take for humanity to see that underneath the surface stuff, (And you cannot take material reality with you when you go to the other side.) we are all the same? There is no one that is better than… There are only those who have learned certain things and perhaps have focused their life in ways that were different than yours based on their life circumstances and opportunities. When you segregate others and actively spew prejudice out into the world you compound the karmic load you are going to carry in other lifetimes. It is so much simpler to learn to let go of what you think and what you are choosing to believe to validate your own negative self-image. When you deny your own fear and insecurity, you lash out at those who your mind and ego has decided are responsible for your feelings. The problem is that they are rarely the problem. The bigger problem is figuring out how to educate others to use their whole brain so they can make choices from a place of discernment and from a place of a rational mind.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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