July 22, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 7/20/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 7/20/16

7/20/16 is the number 9. Completion is acceptance and calm. Completion is a choice because there is always more that needs to be done. But there is a moment when you know that you have to let something go and allow for your mind to rest, your body to shift its focus into healing for yourself, and your emotions learn to recognize that fretting and worrying are not going to give you any better outcome than what you have right now. The Moon is in Aquarius all day, stimulating an emotional need for freedom and independence. You thrive on intellectual stimulation, change, and unusual or unconventional experiences. The Aquarius Moon’s impersonal approach stands in contrast to the energies of Mercury and Venus in Leo, and you are likely to experience conflicting needs and desires as a result. Some mixed signals or misunderstandings are possible. Venus and Chiron in minor challenging aspect this morning can point to self-protectiveness. A trine between Venus and Saturn is stabilizing your world a bit and promotes a realistic and perhaps materialistic view of your relationships. Small advances in business and partnerships come through strengthening and bonding. A new sense of responsibility can be experienced in existing friendships. Your business sense is good.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Surprise her sometime. Just do something small that makes her step out of the worry and work that she so willingly leaps her love and focus into. Take her in your arms and look at her with that adoration that will make her stop and look deeply into your eyes. Make her feel like she is the only woman in the world and her beauty and love is more important to your life than anything that she does.

~Suzanne Wagner~

In each moment you can step out of your own concerns and shift your focus to connecting to another person with presence and depth. When we fall in love we often forget to pay attention to the other person in a real, deep, and honoring way. Do not treat those you love as an afterthought. Do not get so caught up in your own issues and fears that you use the one you love to spew your stress onto them in a chronic and disrespectful way. That is not loving someone but using them to make yourself feel better and even though that will occasionally happen it is important to be mindful of that type of pattern because no one wants to be used in that manner because it is a form of abuse. Love because it is what keeps relationships together. Love because it feels good. Love because appreciation is what is an anchor in this world. Love because you never know when you need another to reach out to you in a trying time. Give what you know at some point you are going to need in return. Give to others because without compassion life does not feel worth much.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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