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Numerology/Astrology for 7/25/17
7/25/17 is the number 6. You have a calm place inside. A place beyond the genetic body issues. A place beyond the mind and ego. Within you is a soul center of knowing and acceptance that will give you what you need in order to find clarity if you take the time to go within to that center. The wisdom you seek is in that place of calm center. You can find it. Yes, it takes time. Yes, it takes discipline. But the effort is well worth it.
The Moon continues its transit of Leo until 6:34 AM EDT when it enters Virgo. The Virgo Moon is practical and helpful. While you can find many things to do and you are busier than usual, it’s easy to get into a comfortable routine. I know you want to be useful and productive so focusing on details seems the best route to make headway you are looking for. Be aware that this Virgo Moon can make you analytical, critical, and very technically focused. The details of daily existence capture your attention more than usual now, and in the coming weeks as well with Mercury’s move into the sign today. Mercury will transit Virgo until August 31st and then again from September 9-29 — a longer stay than usual due to Mercury’s upcoming retrograde from August 12th to September 5th. Mercury feels right at home in Virgo, one of the signs that it rules (the other is Gemini). Use this energy to create a more precise way for you to communicate your speech, thoughts, and methods during this cycle. Just don’t lose perspective as you focus on the details. Keeping that overview, wider, and inclusive perspective is going to be essential in the upcoming patterns. you should also be aware of the possibility of expressing yourself in a too factual manner, so much so that you come across as dry, critical, or unimaginative. Otherwise, this is a useful transit, particularly for skill-building, organization, and analysis.
~Suzanne Wagner~
She held the moon the way she held her own heart, as if it was the only light that could guide her through the darkest nights.


I have a dream.
A dream about the human potential.
A dream about what earth was created for us to explore and discover.
A dream that cannot die because the purpose of this world was the evolution of consciousness.
Again and again, it teaches how we cannot escape what was predestined to help in the evolution of humanity.
You can block the truth that love and acceptance is the way.
You can hate and lash out when the laws and rules of this world attempt to break through the distortion of your consciousness.
But that truth will not stop.
You can never stop truth.
Truth changes you.
You do not change truth.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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