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Numerology/Astrology for 7/26/17
7/26/17 is the number 7. Do you feel like you cannot find stability because the patterns that you have depended upon in the past are constantly changing? You would be correct. You are in a time of intense accelerated growth and expansion. Things that you used to depend upon are ash and you are attempting to shift to the ever-changing tides of emotional drama that this world is producing at the moment. There is that old adage, “The only constant in the universe is change.” We are all living in such a time. There are many moments when you might just become so exhausted that you want to take a break from it all. And that would be wise in that moment. The pace of life is so hectic that you have to know what you can and what you can’t do in each moment. Self-care is essential for your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.
Wednesday is action packed as the Sun aligns with high energy Mars. Do something physical on the 26th to use this energy in a positive way. The Sun and Mars unite today in the sign of Leo, and this can be an especially vital, dynamic time when you are driven to make progress and to physically move. Our more passionate, aggressive, and courageous natures come to the forefront. You solve problems creatively, and you instinctively want to take action. Your communications are direct and frank, thought you could be a bit short-tempered and impulsive. It’s an excellent time to lead, but you should watch for self-centered and egotistical behavior. Passions run high, but remember that sudden urges and desires may be more about internal unrest than inner truth. The universe is moving towards a Mercury-Jupiter semi-square that can increase the chances of disagreements with others so keep a calm head. Otherwise, Sun-Mars can give you a nice shot of energy and courage. Competition can be motivating. The Moon is in Virgo all day, and you are inclined to see the details and flaws in the world and in your world. Ideally, this is to encourage you to find solutions and solve problems. However, you are unlikely to be content with clerical work or patient with handling details now with the Sun-Mars and Mercury-Jupiter influences dominating the energies of the day.
~Suzanne Wagner~
Do you hear that growl getting louder?
That is the sound the Divine Feminine
and she has been getting louder
in her disapproval for a while now.
She shows you,
but do you listen?
Do you hear the call of the animals dying
because of the greed of leaders
as they sell of the wildlife to the highest bidder?
Do you hear the struggles of the trees without enough water
as they give up their life?
Do you notice the children of all kinds dying for lack of food?
Do you notice that the foundation of that castle
you are standing in is crumbling underneath you?
Will you do nothing as the world is torn apart by greed?
Selfishness and believing that you are better and separate
from life itself is a dangerously destructive pattern to hold
and always results in some sort of terrible repercussions.
Nature is more powerful than money, ego, and self-importance.
She is preparing to teach you a lesson.
You can now stop the downward spiral
by contributing to causes that help
and make a difference in the world.
You have to change.
This world understands balance.
Humanity does not.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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