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Numerology/Astrology for 7/26/20

7/26/20 is the number 10.
If you add the 7 + 2 + 6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 19.
1 + 9 = 10.

This is the number of power and the games that power plays. Power can be used with integrity or not. Power plays can be inflicted upon you or you can stand in your own power and resist the intentions of the power that others want to use over you.
“The only way anyone can ever control you is if you are controlling  yourself first. Then you are like a box with a pretty bow upon it. And others will be able to pick you up and move you around in the way that gives them control.”
One key to owning your own power is to first, never give your power away to another. Another is to constantly allow for your wildness of have space in your life to explore and express. Never hand over your personal autonomy, wildness, or independence to others.
There are (of course) consequences for all your choices from that point on because you cannot blame another for your choices or actions.
And people love to blame others instead of take responsibility. Standing in your power is all about choosing to learn from experiences. Those experiences are all about trying and failing, over and over again until you learn some wisdom and have the clarity and discernment that is necessary to navigate the complex patterns in life with grace and confidence.
There are so many in the world that the need to belong and be a part of a community, whether that is a belief system, a religion, a political party, etc. They believe that is what they need to feel safe.
All that indicates is that you chose to allow others to define the rules by which you live your life. You choose to be dictated to and told what is right or wrong without really feeling into a situation and making your own choices. It is the lazy what to navigate life. And it is indicates a person that never really grew up on a responsibility level. That way you are never at fault….someone else is.
You are never wrong…..someone else is.
You do not need to apologize because you were duped.
It is so easy to pass the responsibility onto others.
An evolving soul eventually realizes that you are not living a real life. You are living a life in a safe cage that someone else built. And while that might have worked for a while, it got boring at some point and now you want to reach out of that cage and discover what is really out there in the world for yourself.
That is the moment when you reclaim your power. In that choice is a place where you no longer fear making mistakes and are willing to risk safety to discover your own truth.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

On Sunday, the Moon is still in social Libra. While there might be minor emotional bumps, work on transparency so struggles just move through you. Don’t label anything or attach some deeper meaning if there is none. Be fair and work towards harmony. Know that there will be those people that are still restless and competing for the crumbs they want to fight over. Try to not engage in petty acquisition. You are worth more than the crumbs being offered.

You may see the more serious side of the Libra Moon as it squares Pluto and then in the afternoon it will square Saturn also. Ambitions are going to clash with duty and responsibility. It can make a tough choice more difficult to make.

Try to make sure you include others in safe ways. Be polite. Be willing to compromise. Look for the things that are inspiring to others.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Everything we hear
is an opinion, not a fact.
Everything we see
is a perspective,
not the truth.

~Marcus Aurelius~


I think back in my life to the many workshops that I have participated in and also put on for the expansion of consciousness in myself and others.
I loved the first workshop I ever went too in my 20’s. But I was terrified. Terrified of discovering something buried that I had wanted to stay buried. Terrified of others seeing my vulnerability. Terrified to look silly. Terrified of not being able to “break through”.
Workshops are places where you stretch out of your “safe” bubble and shatter your illusions of what you perceive about yourself.
There is a level of fear that is unprecedented in your experience and every cell in your body thinks that you are going to die.
Oh, something will die but it is not your physical body. It is that something that is more afraid to die than your body, your ego.
The process of shattering the ego to allow your true self to emerge is an inner battle worthy of “Star Wars”.

I think of my ego as the very hard shell of a Brazil Nut. And it is almost impossible to break that shell. It takes skill, understanding of that shell (ego), and fortitude to break it so that the delicate part of my true self are not broken but can finally be free and grow beyond the limitations imposed by my ego.
And for everyone … it is a similar process.

I bring this up at this time because now in this world of “Covid-19” all the “personal growth” workshops and retreats are halted. And all those amazing facilitators are not able to give their gifts during this quarantine.
Many are trying to do things remotely through Zoom and webinars and I commend them for their efforts. But there is nothing like the process of emersion. Being immersed in a journey together with others and recognizing that within a group dynamic are all the archetypes that make up the world …. is a revelation unto itself. Within a microcosm is a macrocosm of all the essential elements that you need, in that moment, to grow. Sharing on a deep emotional level with others in a way that allows your vulnerability to be seen and to see the vulnerability in others, tears down the walls that the ego has so carefully built up as a false self. And you recognize that the energy that it takes to maintain that false self is enormous.
Once you let it go, you have an infinite storehouse of energy to work with because within your soul is its own nuclear fusion chamber. You are limitless beyond your own imagination.
The freedom you experience by dropping the pretense that the ego is fueling is a journey that you cannot fully explain to another human being.
But it can be shared and witnessed by others.
I bring this up because in our world right now, we are so isolated. And while I believe that many need to learn to stop and feel what they have been avoiding feeling, I miss that raw and real, deep engagement on that miraculous level that is uniquely human.
I think back on the tremendous impact that teaching my workshops and Wild Women Symposiums have had on others. And that is not viewed through the eyes of my ego that needs to be self-important. It is viewed through the words, sharing, and emotional connection that others have given me.
And I feel sad because so many have said to me, “I so wanted to come to your Relationships Workshops or Wild Women Symposium but something came up and I went into avoidance and did not believe that I was worth giving the to myself. And now they are not happening and I have missed out.”

I reflect how true that is. Even though I believe that everyone shows up that is supposed to be there. Again, not from an ego perspective but from the hard truths that are the reality in our world right now. The truth is that workshops take a tremendous amount of energy, time, and effort. Logistically they are complicated. Running workshops that last for days, takes planning and organization, as well as, flow and creative wiggle room. Because when you are dealing with “real” people with “real” emotions, things do not ever go according to plan.
I recognize that I will be 60 years old in less than a month and that I can feel the energy shifts that naturally happen with the aging process. I can feel that the priorities withing my own life are changing and that certain doorways will close.
I share all of this because the next time you want to take any workshop or go to any event that allows for the expansion of your consciousness, I want you to remember my words and take a risk and make the time to follow that intuitive prompting in your heart. Because as a facilitator, I know that what that teacher is trying to give you is priceless and worth much more than the price of admission. What that teacher is giving you is the very core of their wisdom and experience.
What that teacher is giving you is a piece of themself that is so precious to them that they feel compelled to share it.

What I know is that while teaching is fulfilling in so many ways, it is not about the money that it generates but the selfless karmic offering of truth that is the motivation behind it all.

And know that, such things do not last forever. Such things are fleeting. If you do not leap, you may miss a special doorway that may not come back in this lifetime in the same way. Teachers age and decide to let the intense effort of workshops go. Priorities change. The lessons of a society dictate the next level of growth that is needed so the focus of workshops change also.

Someone said to me (when I was in my late 30’s), “It is so great that you have had the financial ability to do all these workshops for your own growth.”

I try to explain them that when I was a dancer I made only $17,000 a year. And one year, I spent $10,000 of that money on personal growth workshops, yoga retreats, and meditation retreats. And if I knew then what I know now, I would have spent more than that.

The process of inner realization is the real journey in this life.
You are here to discover who is really inside you.
You are here to step past your fear and discover the infinite self that exists beyond your ego and mind.
It is a journey that everyone will take at some point.
You only get to decide when and with whom you are willing to take that risk.
Do yourself a favor and don’t miss the doors that present. While all doors may not be right for you, feel into each one and listen to the whispers and promptings of your heart. Then follow that.
I know that you will find your way through the maze of confusion that is the human condition. Everyone does eventually. The soul always eventually defeats the ego.
I hope your journey is enlivening and fulfilling.
I await to see you on the other side of your shell.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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