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Numerology/Astrology for 7/27/20

7/27/20 is the number 2.
If you add the 7 + 2 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 20.
2 + 0 = 2.

Don’t allow the moods of others to infect you and pull you down. While it is the nature of high vibrating energy to fall into the low vibrations in an attempt to lift them up, it is also important to recognize when others want to pull you down to their level and cause doubt, confusion, and chaos.
I have said it before and I will say it again, what others say is an opinion based on their own perspective within their narrow reality or bubble.
The choice to me is always simple. Is it kind? Is it morally correct? Is it loving? Is it compassionate? Is it accepting? Is it a choice that you can live with and not regret later? Do you think that the Divine will give you angel points for your choice or an admonishment?
I believe that in our core we know what it is to be a good and kind person. I believe everyone knows what it is to give permission for everyone to grow and evolve. Anything other than that is something that was taught to us by someone who was suffering or some situation that wounded a person and so now they are protecting themselves with opinions. The mind is not clear in deciding about the rights and freedoms of others. Your soul knows what is right. But the mind can talk you into making a bad choice.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Monday has Jupiter sextile Neptune in the morning which supports sharing your higher spiritual vision. This is the second one out of three that will impact us. The third on will be on October 12th. I expect that one to pack a wallop. Take time to notice your dreams from the night before and perhaps write them down. How do you sanely moderate the extreme expressions in this lifetime? How do we (as a country) keep a sense of decorum and a sense of proportion? How can we consider our morals as more important than the opinions of others?
The forces right now are challenging. Venus and Jupiter quincunx and square Neptune, while the Sun also goes into a minor challenge with Neptune. People are wrestling with our expectations and perceptions. There is a rising tide of restlessness, suffering, and hurt.
Hidden toxic hate has now permission to spew out of the mouths of the infected. They intend to incite more hate and to divide our world and make our great country devolve into chaos. We cannot let such miserable people define this great country.

There are minor challenges to communicating values and ideas in relationships. You want to hold off on making difficult choices until later in the week.
Mercury and Mars square off in the boxing ring of impatience. Expect irritability and for others to make choices that indicate rashness and poor judgment and decision making skills.
The Moon goes into Scorpio as you are sleeping around the bewitching hour and we have a First Quarter Moon. More hidden layers of all situations are going to be revealed. There is going to be an unparalleled pressure building up. It is amazing to me that this horror we are living through is what it will take to motivate us to make the obvious and necessary changes.
Be prepared to notice that too many people will lack discrimination and discernment. Too many are feeling abandoned and alone. Too many are suffering in ways that they now recognize that they do not have coping skills to help them navigate this new world.
Disappointment is a close companion to the majority. When you make the external situations a part of your identity, you will be miserable. Examine your own discontent and identify that if you are too attached to what the external world does to make you feel better or worse then you have been neglecting your spiritual self and need to reclaim the discipline of self-reflection.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Wounded people use
opinions as shields.
They are never effective
because opinions have
no substance in the real world.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Energy never dies it just changes form. When you emerged as a life force into this universe you were propelled from nothing into an awakened essence.

What a moment that must have been!
And what a powerful force had to exist to make you manifest in this complex world.
You were born of sound, explosions, and movement. As you emerged you became connected to the space/time continuum. Your energy intersects with space and time and you change it with your intentions, passions, power, desire, and dreams.
Yes, your existence morphs space and time.

While the change that you create might be small in the grand scale of the Universe, you still have an ability to manipulate the gravitational pulls of space and time.

Really take that thought in.

You believe that you are powerless.

Nothing is further from the truth.

But you do need to own that power and learn how to have more conscious control over this narrow world that you presently reside within.
There are laws and rules of space and time in this quadrant of the galaxy and you are being asked to focus and pay attention to what it is you are creating.

Hate creates consequences that you will regret later and then karma will follow you for years, decades and potentially lifetimes.

Compassion creates a very different wave of energy that aligns, harmonized, and coalesces energy and matter into amazing and beautiful things.

But powerless, you are not. You were birthed in the greatest explosion of consciousness ever witnesses. If you can survive that, then this moment is nothing.

Realize that no matter what anyone does to you in this lifetime, they cannot destroy your essence. That essence will continue to exist as a consciousness and energy even when it is not in physical form.
So why be afraid?

Death is a strong illusion.
A fallacy made to make you cling to life and fear the loss of that life.
All things exist and then have to change.

Planets and solar systems will eventually burn out and disintegrate. But the energy of those planets and energy still exist as an infinite potential that will arise in a new form eventually.
It is time to own that you have the power to alter this reality. When you align with others of similar intention, then a force of energy can become a wave of positive change.
That is what you want but you cannot have it if you keep doubting yourself and fear death of the old self.

Death is not an ending. It is the transition from an old self into a very new and expanded self. Energy must change form. Energy must evolve and expand. Energy never dies. You are an infinite being of light. Your very existence alters the space/time continuum. Take that power and do something amazing with it.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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