July 27, 2017

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Numerology/Astrology for 7/28/17
7/28/17 is the number 9. Where you go and what you do matters today. Find the balance in your life and allow that inner heart motivation to allow you to go forward to find the satisfaction that is available to you now.
The Moon is in Libra all day, stimulating your desire for harmony, balance, and peace, but getting there might be more complicated than you realize because life right now can involve some conflicts! A Mercury-Pluto dynamic aspect this morning points to difficulties trusting others. You tend to investigate rather than take things at face value. While you can use this energy to develop strategies to get to the bottom of a matter, you should watch for unnecessary stress from making mountains out of molehills. The Moon aligns with Jupiter and forms a square to Pluto later today, pulling up themes of an upcoming Jupiter-Pluto square, exact August 4th. This may cause you to push yourself too hard. You can also be overreaching and grasping at something. Remember that striving usually does not come from a calm, confident center. When you attempt to move from a pushed place, that will cause you to feel more pressure to achieve and advance. Often with fewer results.

Preview of August

August has two eclipses, lunar on the 7th and the total solar eclipse on August 21 passing directly over the United States. This eclipse month directly affects the United States chart as well as the Presidents chart. what that means is that there is going to be some sort of big ending and new beginning. The triple alignment of the two celestial lights, the Sun and Moon, with the plane of the earth was deemed a harbinger of potent change. Eclipses have long been known to change the political order of things. The lunar eclipse on Monday August 7, 2017 is at 15° Aquarius. Jupiter square Pluto is directly linked to the Moon and Sun. This means that a powerful drive for personal success will have an affect your mood, behavior and close relationships. Lunar eclipse full moon August 2017 has the potential to make you greedy, selfish and ruthless on your way to the top. Positive aspects that link the lunar eclipse to Jupiter and Pluto show how to avoid these potential pitfalls. They also give clues about the happiness and success that are possible if you play your cards right. Mercury will be retrograde starting August 12th to add to the intensity of eclipse energies. Saturn also ends his retrograde cycle late in the month which will help everyone who has felt stuck or sluggish since April. With a lunar eclipse in particular, the blotting out of the Moon represents a resetting of emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months. Mars has been behind the Sun since July and it will finally come back around to our view on August 22nd, restoring much needed energy, gumption, and drive.
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