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Numerology/Astrology for 7/29/17
7/29/17 is the number 10/1 position and all I can say is “Here We Go!” You better be ready for this upcoming month and you have a few days to get very real with yourself. Power comes not from happenstance but from honest preparation and committed follow through. Stay awake, stay alert, and get ready to hold on tight. It is going to be a big month of August.
Looking ahead for the upcoming week, I want everyone to know that it is going to get very intense. Your life is about to be changed in quite dramatic ways. This week, next week, and the following week and going to be dramatic in ways that at this moment you cannot even fathom. The rest of this week forward is a strong preparation for what is to come. The Sun forms a sesqui-square with Saturn this morning, and I expect you may feel confined, limited, or restricted when it comes to personal plans and self-expression. The Sun and Mars are conjuncting and this is bringing everyone to the point of breaking. Mars rules, names, nouns, exactness, and it is in Leo which is the Heart. So, what has happened to the heart? Where is the love and compassion? Mercury is in Virgo preparing to go retrograde in August and that is making everyone rethink the structure of their life and choices. How do you want your life to look as we go forward? There is also a quarter square of the Moon in Scorpio, asking the question, what is dead, what is alive, what going to stay, what is going to go, and where is that abyss that you are about to step into and can you avoid it? Reality is going to get very black and white. The color is going away and there is only the stark reality facing you directly, forcing you to find your own moral compass and center. Uranus is preparing to go retrograde and everyone seems to be feeling that energy preparing to shift and it is not pleasant. The decisions that you make (or don’t make) will either allow you to move to a higher realm or drag you back into the lower realities. Jupiter is squaring Pluto all this week and into next week and actually all through the eclipse month, indicating that there are some major changes that you need to look at and work with. This is the last moment when you set the steering wheel of this boat before you hit the full force of the storm and get hit with these huge waves coming your way. So, think it through. Grab a rope and tie that rudder to a direction that will allow you to reach as high in vibration as you can because once the storm hits you will not be able to hold on to that rudder. You are going to have to go below deck and hang on. Because the world (especially America) is about to get hammered by a storm of Ecliptic Proportions that is going to want to thrash you around and you need to have something to hold onto as you go into the mouth of the beast. You know you have to make some major decisions. And the buildup is happening. You have a lot to look at, analyze, and contemplate while you move towards a big choice. Yes, you will go back and forth. No, you will not have as much information as you need to choose. So, you have to choose from your moral compass, your heart center, and your higher self to find the way through these rough waters. Mars has been the energy and force that humanity has been following and unfortunately Mars likes a fight, likes a tussle, likes to be right. But now you have to recognize that your personal choices are not getting you where you perhaps expected and you need to listen to the higher promptings and the deeper core values of life. You are going to find very new ways to move forward. You are going to see the ridiculousness of allowing your ego to be in charge of your life. You are going to see that your choices reflect your disowned anger and suppressed resentment. And now you are going to choose happiness over conflict. At least I hope that is going to be your choice. Relationships are under tremendous stress. You might have a lot of questions because of the Chiron square Venus and finishing Gemini. And Venus is sextiling Uranus. All of this indicates that as much as you want to guide your relationship in a direction you must recognize that there are some things that you are just not going to know or understand in this moment (or perhaps ever). This move towards a Venus-Uranus sextile and Venus-Chiron square can magnify some insecurities and blocks to intimacy, the sextile between Venus and Uranus helps bring us out of our shells, encouraging our bolder, more innovative natures, socially speaking. We are most interested in all that is new, unusual, and out-of-the-ordinary with regards to romantic involvements, personal pleasures, and financial undertakings. Those things you have to learn to surrender up to the guides and angels and let completely go. You can often never really know another person. Expect things to change on a dime. Some things are not supposed to heal right now. But they still need to be let go of. Expect really complex conversations in your love life. You are going deeper whether you want to or not. August plans on changing you completely and move you into a brand-new domain. You want to figure out things but actually you have to listen to your heart not your head. You may be in the mood to experiment, improvise, or trying on new ways of relating to others and expressing yourself. The Moon continues its transit of compromising Libra until 8:24 PM EDT, after which it moves through the perceptive, passionate sign of Scorpio.
~Suzanne Wagner~
I am intense.
I am a fire of truth that cannot be put out.
I am a soul whose purpose
is to unravel the dysfunctional threads
in the tapestry of life that causes confusion,
hate, distortion, and suffering.
But that is not an easy job.
Because so many believe in the lies
and have identified themselves
as a part of that reality.
To dismantle the lie,
they feel directly threatened.
But dismantling the lie
will not harm them.
It will allow them to find the core center
of their essential self.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I am personally shocked at the weakness of moral character that is the Republican Party. I am sure so many of them knew that what they were doing and somehow chose to have the strong-arm tactics manipulate them into towing the party line. It shows such intense corruption in the Republican arm of the government that I never thought in my life I would witness such immoral people having such power to do such harm to so many and continue to divide the country further and further. I have never been ashamed of my government until now. I have never blindly believed the honesty and integrity of politicians but I believed in the innate goodness of those wanting to serve our country. But now I see how many are there for themselves, money, power, and influence. That is not what should be the driving force to inspire people to want to become politicians. It is as if so many chose this to line their own pockets and personal gain. That the constituents were never considered, listened to, or considered worthy of their time. As far as I can tell the Republicans have destroyed their own party and that is so sad. A party that had a great deal to offer has been dismantled by corruption, power mongers, religious zealots, and greed. I do not believe I will see this party return to its former integrity in my lifetime. Perhaps it is time for another party. We have become the Divided States of America. As a country, instead of being strong and united we are weaker than we have ever been and more vulnerable to external forces literally changing the destiny of our country if we do not wake up and make a monumental shift in consciousness. Today I pray for the return on conscience and unified goodness.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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