July 28, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 7/29/18 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 7/29/18

7/29/18 is the number 11. Awaken one, Awaken all. Awaken before you take that fall. You stand at the edge of your mind defined. But you have much more than potential that just what you can perceive. The number 11 can collapse into the number 2 which becomes angry and negative about life and the world. But the number 11 helps you fly high above the chaos and confusion and see things from a place of overview and clarity. If your higher self was a drone, what would it show you about your life and choices at this time. It might reveal the choice that will ensnare you in someone else’s trap because you will see the ambush forming ahead of you. You might see an easier path that would have less fighting and conflict and you could slip through unscathed, unnoticed, and unharmed. Let your higher self and the number 11 help you step beyond what you think you know and see with the eyes of a hawk to the bigger picture unfolding right now in your life. You can see where you are going if you let go of the attachment you have to a position or idea. You are not here to validate another’s projection. You are here to discover the power and potential of your own heart and to give that gift to this world as selflessly as possible.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius until the early evening. With an opposing Mercury retrograde this morning, just know that misunderstandings are possible. Be very careful with your words because your true feelings on something may just come completely out. The Aquarius Moon is good for sharing ideas and perceptions with each other. Just remember that you are independent but also interdependent at the same time. Choices in life must align both ways. If you choose your own mind and ego over the power of the interdependent relationships that each of us have with all of life then you will not have that connection and power to hold you to clarity and accountability. Nature constantly shows us the way. It is the human mind, in its arrogance, that believes that it has more power than nature and life itself. Be progressive in your approach and allow that determination inside to be the fuel to get you to the new places and awareness that you have been seeking. While you may believe you know what’s worked in the past, you may be in need and upgrade and update at this time. So let go of the old ways and allow in the newer and faster ways to discover your destiny.

The Moon goes into Pisces this evening, and helping you seek some level of escape from the regular or ordinary. Expect to feel more emotional than you might want. Therefore you might want to give yourself some extra emotional space or time to regroup.

Peeking into August Astrology -August Astrology Forecast:

The Sun will be in Leo from July 22-August 23 and that Sun is proud, outgoing, and playful. This is a moment when claiming yourself as in individual is important and you may find that you are no longer interested in being a part of the team. You want to see and be seen. You want to express yourself in a unique and individualistic way. Just be wary of becoming to self-centered and vain.

Mercury continues to be retrograde in Leo until the 18th. You might want to be doing things a bit behind the scenes rather that right out front. Or you might just feel that you need to get away for a little fun and relaxation. As the sign of royalty, Leo urges you to do something luxurious for yourself, but don’t worry. You do not need to spend a lot of money to have fun in a Leo-like way. After all Leo is considered the adolescent in Astrology and a picnic with a cream pie fight will do nicely.

Venus will be in Virgo until August 6th, and as I have a Venus in Virgo in my Natal Chart I know that it likes organization and meticulousness. Getting things in the right order produces calm and balance. Do your best to not criticize your mate and be overly picky when it comes to perhaps not getting exactly what you want.

Warrior Mars has been moving backwards since late June and will be doing that until August 27th. Right now the intent of Mars is to help you review your goals and ambitions and ask the question, “Is that what you really want?” It has been in the idealistic yet detached sign of Aquarius for two months now (compared to the normal six weeks) and will temporarily move backwards into Capricorn on the 12th of August until September 10. This asks you to get grounded and get very real, again. You have to figure how to bring your ideals into a practical application in the world. Get serious about the actions you are you are choosing and notice if they promote harmony or discord. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn for the next two years are really putting your commitments to the test. The question is, “What are you willing to put ambitious effort into for the next two years?” On August 11 there is a Solar Eclipse in Leo. This is the last one for about nine years. Yippie! This is winding down a series of eclipses have been asking you to open your heart and to do activities that are heart centered. (There is one more lunar eclipse in Leo coming in January to finish this cycle that started in the spring of 2017).  Ask the question, “Where are you taking action in your life? And are those actions in alignment with your heart?” It is not about what you get in life but what you are willing to give that changes your future and shapes your present reality.
~Suzanne Wagner~


You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself.


In the Buddhist tradition there is a concept of taking the Path of the Bodhisattva. What this means is that at first in the dance of enlightenment, you are seeking your own pathway to awakened awareness. It is a bit of a selfish endeavor because you are clearly seeking something for yourself, your soul, and your own enlightenment. But at some point you realize that even if you are awake, you will still see everyone else in suffering. What do you do then? A truly awakened and enlightened person cannot (in good conscience) just sit there and not care about the desperate need of others in the physical world. And ultimately they choose to come back down and help. Within in every person (enlightened or not) are the seeds of a Bodhisattva. Those seeds want to help those in need and want to give love in trying times to those suffering. Every person has that compassionate heart and deep desire to alleviate suffering. Every person has a point that the suffering is so strong that then cannot turn a blind eye. Every person has a breaking point when they recognize that they cannot ignore for another moment. Every person’s moment is different. But that call of compassion is loud and long when the screams of the oppressed are being tortured under the heavy mantel of those whose egos are the hungry ghosts of power. It does not matter if those in power respond. Often they are the most numb and blind to the suffering they create. It is up to those whose compassionate heart cannot be silent to such despair. It is up to you and I, to take the power from those who have lost the ability to see that what gave them the power in the first place from the masses was that the people believe that they were serving of the greater good. But when those in power stop serving the greater good of the people, those same people will strip them of their power often more quickly than it took to gain it in the first place.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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