July 29, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 7/30/18 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 7/30/18


7/30/18 is the number 3. Is the power of the positive mind and the willingness to face and confront just what is.
In the darkness is always light.
In the fear there is always a fight.
How can you find the place of peace?
How can you make the hate cease?
How can you reclaim the joy that once was?
Can you forgive just because?
We are in a time when each person is called.
To show clearly the things that you are appalled.
Change comes when you follow the joy.
But if you came here to hurt and destroy.
There are those who are stronger than you.
Stronger than that ego to which you are glued.
And they are not even human because it is all of life
The wholeness of nature and all its wildlife.
There are forces so small that can’t be seen
That are awakening under this warming glean.
And they balance that which is out of control.
They are the essence of this worlds soul.
You can align and bring back the truth.
Let it be applied and remove the uncouth.
Where you stand in this moment in time.
Defines your life and the next life times.
I feel the power of those that hold true
To what is good and will see us through.
I believe in the power of good
It will win in all likelihood.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Astrology Today


The Sun is semi-square Venus today. Just know that most upsets are not really caused by others. Most are because you are holding something either from your past or just stresses that have built up again and again. So when you deny something that thing to get your attention will externalize. And that will show up as things in your world setting you off, making you irritated, uneasy, and angry. Instead of reacting see these moments as someone and yourself needing attention and needing to feel appreciated. Being in resistance to what is presenting in your world only wastes your time and energy. It will make you unproductive and exhausted. So why do that? Instead own your own upsets and discontent. Then look for creative solutions to what you are feeling that are not about others doing what you want them to do. You will never be happy if your only way to happiness is about getting what you want and getting others to do what you want. That just makes you into a childish, bitchy person.

The Moon spends the day in the sign of Pisces, deepening your emotional state and attempting to stimulate your compassion, artistry, sympathy, and intuition. Your emotions are meant to move so let them. But recognize what is a trigger and a drama that you might want to inflict on others or an actual authentic emotional state that needs to be shared and supported in a healing journey to self-discovery.

The Moon will trine Jupiter tonight. This attempts to encourages us to look beyond your small vision and ego into seeing the big picture that is trying to get your attention.

~Suzanne Wagner~


The Divine Feminine rising up.
She rises up with the light of the morning sun.
She turns and faces the destructive forces
that would stop her.
She smiles at those that threaten her,
Because she is not afraid.
She is connected to all that is life and death.
She is one with the forces of nature
that course through life and her own body.
She already is that storm
that they pretend to terrorize her with.
She is the fury of nature awakening,
here to slap down the egos of humanity
that believe that they are so special.
She has the final say over who lives and dies.
To her, those that do not respect the whole
do not deserve a place here in this life.
She knows they are a cancer that feeds
upon its own host until they destroy
that which they believe is their power.
She stands strong.
She knows what is true.
She knows the laws of this world.
And they are not human laws.
The tablets of their egos
will crumble over time.
And she will still be standing.
Those that stand with her
will enjoy a type of rebirth.
The type that shows
the way towards growth
that serves all rather than a few.
You know now where you stand.
You know now what to do.
You are being called to awaken
and join the forces of nature and life.
You can stand in your ego,
separate and holding
an impossible line.
Or you can find the
wholeness that you crave.
It matters not to her.
It matters greatly to you.
You cannot fight what
you refuse to learn from.
You cannot win if you
only see through your eyes.
~Suzanne Wagner~








Where Is the Love?

The Black Eyed Peas

People killin’ people dyin’
Children hurtin’, I hear them cryin’
Can you practice what you preachin’?
Would you turn the other cheek again?
Mama, mama, mama, tell us what the hell is goin’ on
Can’t we all just get along?
Father, father, father help us
Send some guidance from above
‘Cause people got me, got me
(Where’s the love)

Yo what’s going on with the world, momma
(Where’s the love)
Yo people living like they ain’t got no mommas
(Where’s the love)
I think they all distracted by the drama and
Attracted to the trauma, mamma
(Where’s the love)
I think they don’t understand the concept or
The meaning of karma
(Where’s the love)

Overseas, yeah they trying to stop terrorism
(Where’s the love)
Over here on the streets the police shoot
The people put the bullets in ’em
(Where’s the love)
But if you only got love for your own race
(Where’s the love)
Then you’re gonna leave space for others to discriminate
(Where’s the love)

And to discriminate only generates hate
And when you hate then you’re bound to get irate
Madness is what you demonstrate
And that’s exactly how hate works and operates
Man, we gotta set it straight
Take control of your mind and just meditate
And let your soul just gravitate
To the love, so the whole world celebrate it

People killin’ people dyin’
Children hurtin’, I hear them cryin’
Can you practice what you preachin’?
Would you turn the other cheek again?
Mama, mama, mama, tell us what the hell is goin’ on
Can’t we all just get along?
Father, Father, Father help us
Send some guidance from above
‘Cause people got me, got me questioning
(Where’s the love)

It just ain’t the same, always in change
(Where’s the love)
New days are strange, is the world insane?
(Where’s the love)
Nation droppin’ bombs killing our little ones
(Where’s the love)
Ongoing suffering as the youth die young
(Where’s the love)

Where’s the love when a child gets murdered
Or a cop gets knocked down
Black lives not now
Everybody matter to me
All races, y’all don’t like what I’m sayin’? Haterade, tall cases
Everybody hate somebody
Guess we all racist
Black Eyed Peas do a song about love and y’all hate this
All these protests with different colored faces
We was all born with a heart
Why we gotta chase it?
And every time I look around

Every time I look up, every time I look down
No one’s on a common ground
(Where’s the love)
And if you never speak truth then you never know how love sounds
(Where’s the love)
And if you never know love then you never know God, wow
(Where’s the love)
Where’s the love y’all? I don’t, I don’t know
Where’s the truth y’all? I don’t know

People killin’ people dyin’
Children hurtin’, I hear them cryin’
Could you practice what you preach?
Would you turn the other cheek?
Father, Father, Father help us
Send some guidance from above
‘Cause people got me, got me questioning
(Where’s the love)
(Where’s the love)

Love is the key
(Where’s the love)
Love is the answer
(Where’s the love)
Love is the solution
(Where’s the love)
(Where’s the love)
They don’t want us to love
(Where’s the love)
Love is powerful
(Where’s the love)
(Where’s the love)

My mama asked me why I never vote never vote
‘Cause police men want me dead and gone (Dead and gone)
That election looking like a joke (Such a joke)
And the weed man still sellin’ dope
Somebody gotta give these niggas hope (Please hope)
All he ever wanted was a smoke (My gosh)
Said he can’t breathe with his hands in the air
Layin’ on the ground died from a choke
(Where’s the love)

I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders
As I’m gettin’ older y’all people gets colder
Most of us only care about money makin’
Selfishness got us followin’ the wrong direction
Wrong information always shown by the media
Negative images is the main criteria
Infecting the young minds faster than bacteria
Kids wanna act like what they see in the cinemas
What happened to the love and the values of humanity?
(Where’s the love)
What happened to the love and the fairness and equality?
(Where’s the love)
Instead of spreading love we’re spreading animosity
(Where’s the love)
Lack of understanding leading us away from unity
(Where’s the love)

Songwriters: George Pajon Jr. / Justin Timberlake / Michael Fratantuno / Printz Board / Allan Pineda / Will Adams / Jaime Gomez

Where Is the Love? lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group




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