July 5, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 7/6/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 7/6/16

7/6/16 is the number 22/4 (one of my favorite number patterns). It is a Mastery Number and brings the desire for balance into the mix. The world right now is out of balance. That is causing each of us to struggle to maintain our own. The equilibrium of life has tilted towards the dark and negative forces that destabilize life and cause more problems rather than less. You are a part of that problem and solution. When you know yourself and know what you came here to do and then do that with total commitment, then you find your center and the balance begins to come back into alignment. When the world is out of balance you have to hold tight to your own center because the world is trying to take you for a ride, a negative ride. Only knowing your own center and feeling completely from your heart and allowing that loving impulse to move you is going to give you the strength to endure during these trying times. The world is being asked to awaken to the horror of hate and prejudice and see how that toxic element when allowed to continue unchecked is dangerous, damaging, and hurtful to all of life. What you put out comes back to you karmically. If you are putting out the energy of separation then it is you that will be separated from the things you thought you loved. If you judge others then you will be blamed and judged in turn. If you choose hate over love then your soul turns towards the darkness and blots out the good and light in the world. Your choices right now either assist in the breakdown of the world and the global structures that create healthy and safe societies or support a new understanding of peace and harmony in the world. It is up to you. Choose inner peace to create a world of outer balance and positive potential for your children. Each of you is important is what is being created. Your words and actions contribute to the whole in ways you may not completely understand. Find your heart. Connect to the love that connects us all and bring that openness into the world so it can create a safe and healthy reality. The Moon is in Leo all day, and with its trine to Saturn this morning, you can readily take the lead and get organized. However, its more playful side is enhanced as the day moves forward and Venus forms a trine with Mars. Your timing is natural in relationships, with business affairs, and in the arts. It’s easy to act upon your social and romantic needs successfully. Romantic activity, sexual attraction, creative action and self-expression in business and the arts, active participation in social functions, and creative initiative are favored under this influence. Mercury aligns with the Sun today. This is a superior conjunction of Mercury and the Sun, and can stimulate an epiphany, illumination of a matter, or a clearing of the air. You are especially sharp, communicative, and open at this time, as your wants are aligned with you’re thoughts. It’s a favorable time for solving problems. What you say or write now has impact, for better or for worse!
~Suzanne Wagner~


Politics is show business for ugly people.
~Paul Begala~


The world has continuously, throughout time, had moments of rebellion and change. Within that context are those few who use those moments to express their anger and hatred out in the world in ways that can be out of context with those emerging positive ideals. Change still needs to have some sort of structure. That is why we have laws. There are rules of society that need to be adhered to. Those rules and laws are presently being denied and lost in the distortion, division, and hatred that individuals are holding. Our government cannot be allowed to be high jacked by those who use dark energy and manipulation of others good to get their agenda of stalling to break the backs of so many before us who have given their life to make a better life for all. Such people should not be allowed in politics or to be a part of our government. It is time to remove many who have consistently stood in the way of progress and peace. There are those in places of power who want to be right over what is right for the majority. Personal power should not dominate politics. Politicians are to represent the people not themselves and their own personal vendettas. It is time for a big change. Only those who are willing to work together should be allowed to hold offices. It is time to remove those who are dead weight.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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